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3 underrated TV shows on Amazon Freevee you should watch in September

Amazon Prime produces many TV shows directly, but the channel also has a less well-known service called Freevee, which is a streaming channel that is entirely made up of ad-supported shows and movies.

On that channel, you’ll see a combination of classic TV shows like Lost and Mad Men, as well as some original shows and other older shows that have flown more under the radar. Although streaming has made more and more TV viewers resistant to ads, if you’re willing to sit through them, we’ve picked out three shows that are absolutely worth checking out.


Primo Season 1 Trailer

Telling the story of a San Antonio teenager who is working to balance a hectic home life with school and the rest of teenagerhood, Primo is the kind of slice-of-life comedy that our recent TV boom has allowed for much more of. The show is both charming and genuinely funny, and most importantly, it seems to be firmly rooted in the specific experiences of its characters.

Although very few people have even heard of Primo, that doesn’t mean the show isn’t absolutely worth checking out. It feels fresh in a way few TV series do anymore.

Jury Duty

Jury Duty | All-New Series | Coming April 7

Boasting one of the more brilliant premises of a series in recent memory, Jury Duty is ostensibly a documentary that follows a Los Angeles County jury as they work their way through a civil case. The twist here is that the jury and the case are entirely fake, and only one person in the whole series thinks that what’s happening is real.

What results is one of the most riotously funny shows in recent memory, as well as a genuinely interesting social experiment in which a wide ensemble of actors have to commit to their roles virtually around the clock. The show’s conclusion, which makes room for some genuine sentiment, is the icing on top of the show’s already incredible cake.


MANHATTAN: Season One Trailer

Although this show is not a Freevee original, Manhattan was hugely acclaimed and not very widely seen when it initially aired. The show, which feels even more relevant today in light of Oppenheimer‘s enormous success, tells the story of the Manhattan Project from the perspective of several fictional characters who interact with real figures from history.

The show’s premise allows for plenty of drama around the building of the bomb, but what’s equally compelling are the dynamics between these scientists and the various family members they have brought with them to the middle of the New Mexico desert. Featuring a stacked cast of future stars, Manhattan is well worth checking out.

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Joe Allen
Joe Allen is a freelance writer based in upstate New York focused on movies and TV.
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