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Amazon’s smaller Echo Show smart displays finally get the upgrade treatment

In the calm before the Google I/O ’21 storm, Amazon has made a preemptive strike and announced upgrades to the Echo Show 8, the Echo Show 5, and unveiled an all-new Echo Show 5 Kids.

The Echo Show 8 has long been one of the fan favorites, but this new model brings to the table a 13-megapixel wide-angle camera that keeps you centered in the frame, even if you move around. The 8-inch, high-definition adaptive color display makes it easier to see everything from family members to recipes.


The included dual stereos make the new Echo Show 8 a bit of an entertainment powerhouse. Alexa can take you on a tour of everything that is available on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Hulu, or you can just ask her to play your favorite songs through Amazon Music, Spotify, and even Apple Music.

The best part? The Echo Show 8 retains its original price point of $130.

The Echo Show 8 isn’t the only smart display getting some love, though. The Echo Show 5 has long needed some attention. The compact, more budget-friendly Echo Show option now has an upgraded HD camera that can act as a security camera when you’re away from home.

That’s not all, though. Alexa routines work with the camera to take care of things like turning off the TV if you left it on when you went to bed. She can also turn up the volume of the white noise if your spouse starts to saw logs with more gusto than Paul Bunyan. The new Echo Show 5 is $85.

Finally, the Echo Show 5 Kids packs all of the features you expect in a kid-focused Echo device into a new, fun package. The home screen can be customized with a slew of different kid-friendly clock themes, and the alarm can be set to wake kids up to the sound of their favorite characters.


Kids can ask Alexa for help with their homework and make video calls to (parent-approved) contacts. They can also listen to Audible books, their favorite music, and play educational games like Name That Animal and more. The Echo Show 5 Kids includes a one-year subscription to the Amazon Kids+ service and a two-year worry-free guarantee. In other words, if it breaks, Amazon will replace it.

The Echo Show 5 Kids will cost $95. Preorders on all three of these devices begin today, with shipping scheduled to start next month.

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