New GoPro lens hood keeps stray light away, allows the use of filters

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The Eclipse Lens Hood ELH1 attaches directly to GoPro Hero3 and Hero3+ camera bodies.

If you’re wondering why there has been so much news about GoPro as of late, it’s because more and more of us are using them for serious film production, not just for shooting fun action scenes on your skateboard, surfboard, snowboard, or any other kind of board. For some filmmakers, the characteristic light flares that appear in many videos are an integral part of that GoPro look. Others, however, would prefer to keep out any stray light. In order to reduce flare from the camera’s wide-angle lens, Oncore Designs has created a new dedicated lens hood for the GoPro Hero3 and 3+.

Since there is no official GoPro lens hood for these cameras, users had to come up with homemade solutions in the past. While experimenting with a DJI quadcopter, Oncore Design’s founder Travis Ishida was unsatisfied with every do-it-yourself solution he tried, which sparked the idea to create the Eclipse Lens Hood.

Currently, Oncore Design’s sole product, the Eclipse Lens Hood comes in two versions, the ELH1 and the ELH3+3. While the former attaches to both the Hero3 and Hero3+ cameras directly, the latter is meant to be used with a Hero3/3+ in a protective casing, to which it can be secured using the included Velcro strap.

The ELH3+3 attaches to the GoPro Hero3/3+ protective casing with a velcro strap.
The ELH3+3 attaches to the GoPro Hero3/3+ protective casing with a velcro strap.

In addition to preventing light flare, the Eclipse Lens Hood also allows the use of all off-the-shelf filters with a diameter of 37mm. This means that polarizers, ND filter,s and more can be used with the GoPro Hero3/Hero3+ cameras without the need of a dedicated solution such as the Lee Bug filter system that we recently reported about.

Currently, the ELH1 and ELH3+3 can only be ordered via Samy’s Camera, either online or at one of their stores in Southern California. The Eclipse Lens Hood ELH1 retails for $25, while the ELH3+3 is available for $30. Before the end of the year, Oncore Design promises to launch three more lens hood models made from different materials.

(Via Photography Blog)