This odd $6 accessory turns a water bottle into a budget GoPro float

Sure, GoPros may be waterproof, but drop one while filming water sports and that camera will literally be sleeping with the fishes. However, a new $6 accessory wants to make sure you always have a budget GoPro float on hand — and it doubles (or triples) as a selfie stick and tripod adapter. The Rogeti Tripod Bottle Mount turns any water or pop bottle into a floating GoPro grip.

The Rogeti tripod bottle mount is essentially a GoPro mount mixed with a bottle cap. Empty water or pop bottles are of course easily accessible and already float, so adding the GoPro mount turns that bottle into a way to make sure accidental drops doesn’t mean the camera is lost at sea. The bottle also makes it easier to use the GoPro handheld, serving as a makeshift selfie stick for a more comfortable grip that helps keep fingers out of the small camera’s wide angle lens.

Underneath the bottle screw-in, the Rogeti also includes a tripod mount, which means the cap doubles as an adapter to fit a GoPro to a standard tripod mount if you don’t have an official GoPro-branded converter on hand.

The Rogeti comes in a two pack, with a yellow top that fits most pop bottles with a 1/4-inch tripod mount underneath and a blue mount that fits most water bottles and offers another tripod size mount with a 3/8-inch thread.

The odd but inexpensive accessory comes from Rogeti, a company based in China that also launched the Slopes, a compact GoPro stand that offers 18 different shooting angles. The bottle mount is the company’s fifth product, all in a line that aims to make accessories more compact. While you probably can’t put that pop bottle in a pocket, the mount itself will easily fit in a pocket or small bag.

The Rogeti Tripod Bottle Mount is now funding on Indiegogo. The company is aiming to reach a $4,000 goal, but says the product will ship even if full funding isn’t reached based on a flexible goal model. Backers can potentially get the pair of bottle mounts for $6, half off the expected retail price. The accessory may be odd, but the price and easy accessibility might just make it a solid budget GoPro float.