TWB Podcast 148: iPhone X delayed?; Fall TV buyers guide; Voltron technology

The iPhone X has yet to begin production, a preview of the best TVs you can buy this Fall, Medical drone deliveries become a reality and the groundwork for a real-life Voltron may be happening.

TWB Podcast: Apple Event Recap — iPhone X, Series 3 Apple Watch, Apple TV 4K

Apple's Special Event has finally happened and now it's time to dig deep on what they have to offer. We'll dissect the iPhone X, the Series 3 Apple Watch, the 4K Apple TV and much more. Were the products revolutionary, or merely hopping on…

TWB Podcast: Apple Roundup, Driver-less Lyft, High-Tech Helmets, E-skin

Apple's Special Event is on September 12th and more than just a new iPhone, could be announced. We'll also cover Lyft's Autonomous efforts, a new helmet that could revolutionize the NFL and a product called e-skin.
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Between the Streams: New ‘Last Jedi’ toys, ‘Super Troopers 2,’ Leonardo DiJoker?

This week on Between the Streams we'll be discussing rumors that Leonardo DiCaprio could be the next big star to play the Joker, as well as a new Blade Runner short film, a Super Trooper's 2 trailer, new Star Wars vehicles, and more.

TWB podcast: Star Wars AR, the LG V30, iPhone 8 rumors, and Alexa everywhere

Star Wars AR may be just what the platform needed, the LG V30, iPhone 8 rumors and Alexa is showing up everywhere, even working in conjunction with Cortana.

Close to the Metal Episode 53: Windows Mixed Reality isn’t so mixed

On this week's Close to the Metal we'll take a deeper look at Windows Mixed Reality. New details recently revealed by Microsoft have shed light on what it is, and what the headsets can do.

TWB Podcast: Galaxy vs. iPhone vs. Pixel, Icelandic Drones and Elon’s Spacesuit

Three flagship phones, the Galaxy Note 8, the iPhone 8 and the Google Pixel 2 are slated to be released soon. Which one will you purchase? We'll also cover Iceland's drone delivery service and Elon's new spacesuit.

TWB Podcast: Apple Oled TV rumors, iOS 11 ‘Cop Button’ and Bio-Robotics

Apple OLED TV rumors are heating up. Could this development come on the heels of their $1 billion investment in original content? We'll also discuss the iOS 11 'Cop Button', bio-robotics and much more.

Between the Streams: Netflix-Disney divorce, Letterman’s return, ‘Venom’ casting

This week on Between the Streams: Disney announces it will be pulling away from its marriage to Netflix to create its own streaming services, new Star Wars characters freak us out, the Venom movie gets a new star, and much, much more.

TWB Podcast: With Disney & Facebook, are we reaching streaming content overload?

Disney is splitting from Netflix and Facebook is launching Watch. With countless other providers, are we reaching a streaming content overload, or entering a new Golden Age? The Trends with Benefits roundtable weighs in.

Trends with Benefits: YouTube Red/Google Play Music merger & iPhone 8 rumors

The YouTube Red and Google Play Music merger could shake up streaming music and a new leak may show us an important feature of the iPhone 8.

Trends with Benefits: Comic-Con, Return of Atari, Elon Musk and the Hyperloop

The latest news from Comic-Con, the return of Atari, and Elon Musk's Hyperloop dreams are all covered on today's live podcast.