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This article was originally published on Feb. 4, 2013, and updated on March 25, 2014. Emily Schiola contributed to this article.

More than 291 million people played Facebook games through the online social networking site in 2012, up a staggering 35 million from the previous year. Though a large number, it’s not particularly surprising given that there are more than a billion Facebook users on the planet. With more users comes more revenue and subsequently, more games.

However, let us not forget making the perfect Facebook game is an art form, much like the paintings embellishing the Louvre or that meme with a small child holding up his fist. A great game should pit friends against friends, strangers against strangers, in a constant notification battle for ultimate social networking supremacy. Quality titles encompass everything from word puzzles and arcade-style fighters to tower defense games and jetpack-equipped sidescrollers, along with everything in between. And like any game worth playing, they may come at the cost of a dear friend — or worse — your own self-esteem. After all, there’s really no way to trump “oxyphenbutazone” when perfectly played over two triple-word and triple-letter tiles in Words with Friends.

He are our picks for the best Facebook games in the App Center, whether you want to sling feathery animals, build civilizations from the ground up, or just plant some corn. Also, check out our picks for the best Facebook apps, the best Google Chrome games, and the best Flash games if you’re looking for a better way to kill an hour out social networking.

Trivia & Word

Words with Friends

Words with Friends remains one of the best options for both the casual and diehard word junky. The turn-based game works in the same vain as Scrabble, allowing players to spell out individual words for different point values, and letting players challenge both friends and strangers alike on a grid lined with triple-letter and double-word score tiles. Plus, players can play up 20 games at once and trash talk your opponents through the built-in chat feature. Can you spell “awesome?”

Words with Friends Facebook
Words with Friends

Family Feud

Love it or hate it, Family Feud isn’t just for those long sick days in front of the television. Based on the fast-pace show of the same name, the app places players in a content against friends and strangers alike, prompting them to answer the most popular responses to a survey question posed to 100 people. Best of all, it features authentic music and graphics, while leaving Steve Harvey’s undeniable sass at the door. Just be sure to grab a friend to capitalize on that Fast Money.


Family Feud


Ready to wrack your musical brain? SongPop is the perfect companion for the musical know-it-all who wants to show off his or her skills against online friends. It works like a standard trivia game; players listen to a song clip and then try to choose the correct answer among a few multiple choice options. The game isn’t particularly enthralling, but serves as a great way to challenge your friends, rediscover lost hits, and open your mind to new musical genres. Believe us, you’ll be surprised what you actually know.

SongPop Facebook

You Don’t Know Jack

You Don’t Know Jack is the game for you, that is, assuming you like to compare Dalai Lama tweets with those from Taylor Swift, while deciphering phrases from vague and humorous clues as host “Cookie” Masterson yells. With You Don’t Know Jack, players compete against five other people through while answering a short series of questions culminating in a final round. The question format remains the same throughout the game, primarily encompassing multiple-choice questions and a few fill-in-the-blank, but the questions vary. They cover nearly every topic you could think of, from the general to the celebrity-entrenched, but they’r easy to come by once you crack the code.

You Don’t Know Jack

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