Facebook Timeline redesign arrives, here’s what you need to know

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Facebook unveiled plans for a substantial redesign this month – but the revamped News Feed took center stage. While the News Feed overhaul is certainly a scene stealer, there are plenty of changes hitting your profile page and Timeline as well. And people are already getting these updated, streamlined profile pages.

So what’s new with your profile page?

In addition to substantially larger photos, each individual story is larger. So when someone posts on your Timeline, it looks larger and takes a more prominent position. Your recent activity is cordoned off to the top left, with all status updates and wall posts sectioned to the right side of the screen. This makes the Timeline marginally easier to read. The tabs that run across the top of the page are different, too – on the far left, there’s a drop-down “More” section that lets people see only your Instagram pictures or your favorite television programs. This tab will let you more closely integrate apps into your Timeline. Here’s what the old profile page looked like, compared with the new version up top: 

old fb timeline profile

Facebook’s team addressed the changes and discussed their reasons for tweaking certain sections, noting that the Timeline streamline developed in response to some criticism.

Facebook’s original Timeline redesign made it harder to see what people “like” or what they entered as their personal information, as recent activity and wall posts took center stage. The redesign makes it easier to quickly pinpoint what someone lists as their favorite movies, for instance, and it makes it much easier to see their app activity.

Some Facebook users already have the new profile, and it will continue rolling out to more users over the next few weeks.