Quora adds embeddable quotes to keep promoting its platform

quora embeddable quotesThis morning, Quora announced that it’s launching an embeddable quotes tool so that users can grab and re-post questions and answers from the application to outside sites. “Sites all around the Web already quote content from Quora which extends the distribution and impact writers on Quora have,” reads the announcement. “However, quoting and republishing Quora content requires work and many publishers have asked us for a way to do this more easily. Now Embedded Quotes provides webmasters and publishers with a snippet of code to easily display a nicely formatted quote of Quora’s content.”

quora embedding layoutThe feature allows you to fuss with the layout and select how much of the quote you want to pull for embedding on your site.

It’s a nice new tool, but the move means more than just added functionality; Quora is looking to push its platform here and win some new users. User growth has been steady yet slow for Quora, which got a notable boost from search engines (the most obvious of them being Google) last month. You can see on the chart below how much its search engine traffic was boosted; it’s a pretty dramatic increase.

Still, the bump hasn’t impacted related numbers as much as Quora would probably like. Most stats remain level, and bounce time (number of visits that are one page view only) has actually increased. Despite all the praise heaped Quora’s way, it still hasn’t been able to break into the social mainstream.

search traffic and quora

In a scene that is increasingly dominated by re-circulating content instead of making it, and using bright, shiny visuals in lieu of actual words and analysis, Quora is something of a rarity. Spreading the knowledge with easily embeddable quotes could certainly help its platform get some name recognition, but the trick will be getting those eyeballs not just to glance at Quora but get hooked on it.