Snapchat’s new music channels highlight artists, tracks, and live performances

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Snapchat is once again producing original content with the launch of a series of channels dedicated to different musical genres.

The music channels, which have thus far included EDM, hip-hop, country, and R&B, respectively, can be accessed via the app’s Discovery tab, a feature devoted to content produced by third-party media providers.

In this case, however, the content is wholly original and is delivered in a year-in-review format, complete with highlights of the best tracks, artists, and recommendations for next year.

In a similar vein to Snapchat Live Stories, many of the videos and images that make up the slideshow boast exploration features. Users can swipe up to find text blurbs on a song recommendation and extra video footage, including backstage access and live performances.

Each genre has had a day devoted to it on the app, at present the Country music channel is on rotation in the Discovery tab. Among the highlights featured on the hip-hop channel were the Drake and Meek Mill feud, and Fetty Wap’s blockbuster year. The Country music channel also featured special holiday Snapchats recorded by various artists, such as Kelsea Ballerini and Tim McGraw.

Spotify has signed on as the exclusive sponsor for the channels, according to Ad Age. As a result, the streaming service’s ads tend to appear several times between slides. The longer articles produced for the series were penned by culture writers from the likes of Billboard and Rookie.

It is unclear at this stage whether Snapchat will continue its original broadcasts beyond the current series or expand into other fields, such as a yearly rundown of movies or gaming. Additionally, the app has not confirmed whether the move marks its return to producing original content on a regular basis following the closure of its daily Discovery channel earlier this year.