Snapchat deems it acceptable for you to have more best friends

you may now have 5 besties on snapchat friends

Nobody has just one best friend. If you’re lucky, you’ve got a whole army of people who know you well enough to write your biography for you. A lot of the most popular social networks have a function in place that will make it easier for you to communicate with your closest buddies – Facebook has Close Friends that’ll group together all the profiles you actually care about in one feed, while Twitter has an effective list function that allows you isolate handles that don’t bug the bejesus out of you. Well, in the case of Snapchat aficionados, have we got great news for you: If you’ve ever felt like Snapchat was limiting your expansive network of BFFs to a mere three, today’s your lucky day!

With the new secret code, your public Snapchat Web profile and your Snapchat address book will feature an additional two friends that you frequently exchange snaps with. Your time scrolling through a long list of contacts may be substantially lessened…which is perfect for those moments you absolutely need to group-send a candid snap of your crush looking uber-cute reading a book in a coffee shop to your gang of gals.

To use the secret code, take a photo and type the following in the text field:


Take note of all the lower case letters, with an ellipsis (that’s what the three dots are called) at the end. Afterwards, proceed to your friends list like you would if you were actually going to send your snap and hit refresh. It may not work the first time, but in time, you’ll find that instead of top three snapped pals, you’ve got five. Yay!