'God of War' is the latest game to get 4K support on PS4 Pro

The PlayStation 4 Pro can play any PS4 game, but a select number of titles have been optimized to take advantage of the platform. Here's list of every new and upcoming game that will benefit from the PS4 Pro.

NASA’s virtual tour of the moon in 4K will blow your mind

NASA has just released an all-new 4K-resolution video showing the moon in incredible detail. Created using data gathered over the last nine years, the presentation shows our nearest neighbor like you've never seen it before.

Sony’s new PXW-Z280 uses three sensors for 4K at 60 frames per second

Sony unleashed a slew of new high-end cameras during the NAB Show, including the PXW-Z280, the PXW-Z190, and the FS5 II. The Z280, Sony says, is a world's first for 4K recording from three large sensors.

Rumored 4K Chromebook could make the Pixelbook look like old news

The list of supported devices for Chrome OS is now a little longer. A new 4K Chromebook has appeared in its midst, suggesting that the Pixelbook's fancy display may no longer rule the roost in the near future.

4K monitors are finally affordable, and these are the best of the best

The day is coming, slowly but surely, when 1080p resolution will be behind us. Check the best 4K monitors on the market, whether you're looking for a budget solution or a visual treat.

From ‘Horizon: Zero Dawn’ to ‘Gears of War 4,’ these games let your 4K TV shine

With the launch of the PlayStation 4 Pro and the Xbox One X, 4K gaming is now in the hands of the masses. These are our top picks for graphical feasts and they will be among the best games to show off your 4K HDR TV.
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Epix plans to launch 4K content this year, possibly its own streaming service

Epix plans to launch 4K on-demand content for its subscribers at some point later this year, which would make it the first U.S. network to do so, but those are far from the only plans the network has in mind.
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The 6 best TVs you can buy right now, from budget to big screen

Looking for a new television? In an oversaturated market, buying power is at an all-time high, but you'll need to cut through the rough to find a diamond. We're here to help, though, with our picks for the best TVs of 2018.

HP’s new 4K desktop display lineup includes a 42.3-inch model for $799

HP revealed four new 4K desktop monitors this week along with a batch of new laptops. All four monitors include a USB-C port providing enough juice to recharge a laptop. The starting prices range from $549 to $899.

How to calibrate your monitor

Want to see images the way they're intended to be seen? Here is our quick guide on how to calibrate your monitor using your operating system or another tool, to make what's on the screen look as good as it can.
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DJI’s new Mavic Air drone shoots in 4K, does 43 mph, and fits in your pocket

DJI just pulled the curtain back on its new Mavic Air drone -- a pint-sized powerhouse that's not only smarter, faster, and longer-range than its predecessor; but also cheaper and easier to fly.
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MicroLED is the new hotness in TVs. But OLED isn’t going anywhere

Samsung wowed the crowds at CES 2018 with its massive, 146-inch display using MicroLED technology called “The Wall.” But is this the technology to look forward to in the near future?