Dell XPS

Save $300 on a Dell XPS 9570 gaming laptop, more in Amazon’s Cyber Monday sale

Black Friday is over but you can now save up to $300 on a Dell XPS 9570 Gaming Laptop and up to $100 or $200 other popular Acer, HP, and Lenovo Windows devices during Amazon's Cyber Monday event.

Our favorite gaming desktops make the latest consoles look pathetic

PC gaming doesn't always come cheap, but it doesn't have to be extortionate either. In this guide we've put together a list of the best gaming PCs you can buy, with everything from the big and flashy, to the super compact.

Learning to Love the Kindle DX

How an oversized e-book reader wormed its way into our resident Kindle aficionado?s heart.

Asus Plans Three New Eee-Branded Computers

The new systems will include an inexpensive desktop and an all-in-one machine to compete with the iMac.

Dell and Microsoft See (RED)

Dell and Microsoft are partnering to offer a PRODUCT (RED) computer, donating $80 from each sale to combat HIV/AIDS in Africa.

Dell Loses Market Share to HP, Acer

Third-quarter sales figures from iSuppli have Hewlett-Packard expanding its share of the global PC market, and Taiwan's Acer taking over the number two slot for notebooks.

Upcoming XP Service Pack Boosts Performance

Benchmarks show Windows XP with Service Pack 3 delivering a 10 percent speed increase, with all versions of XP destroying Vista in time comparisons.

Dell’s XPS 720 H2C Spares No Expense

The normally sane folks at Dell have thrown price out the window to bring us the company's latest gaming rig.

Dell Offers Blu-ray Burner with XPS M1710

Computer maker Dell has added a next-generation dual layer Blu-ray DVD burner as an option for its Dell XPS M1710 notebok computers.

Dell Goes the Distance with Sprint

Just got to get out of this place? B'bye now! Dell has added integrated mobile broadband options from Sprint to Latitude, Precision, and XPS notebook models.

NVIDIA GeForce Go 7950 GTX Debuted

NVIDIA has unveiled their new GeForce Go 7950 GTX mobile graphics chip at this year's Digital Life Show.

Dell Takes Orders for $10K XPS 600 Game Box

Looking for a high end gaming system? Dell is now taking orders for a limited number of XPS 600 Renegade systems, starting at $9,930.

Dell Intros Dual-CPU Systems

Dell announced that its workstation and consumer desktop lines will be among the first to include the enhanced performance enabled by Intel's new dual-core processor technology.

Dell Debuts New XPS & Inspiron 9300 laptops

The Inspiron XPS Gen 2 and 9300 are the first Dell notebook computers to support Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005.

Installing Your Home Theater: The Plain English Guide to Installation Part 3

After setting up most of your new home theater system you are without a doubt anxious to get the DVD