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how to make your phone last months or years longer close up of creative black man using mobile

Nationwide test alert to sound on cell phones, TVs, and radios

In exactly a month from now, cell phones, TVs, and radios across the U.S. will all sound an alarm. But there’s no need to panic – it’s just a test.
Side profile of a person in a car holding an iPhone to their ear.

Illegal robocall operation handed largest-ever fine by FCC

Aircraft among clouds descending for a landing.

Is 5G dangerous for airplanes? Here’s what pilots and the FAA say

Internals of Surface Laptop Studio.

Intel could give us Wi-Fi 7 devices long before Apple gets around to it

A Starlink dish.

SpaceX claims 5G plan could ‘render Starlink unusable for most Americans’

Looking through foliage at a 5G tower against a blue sky.

What is C-Band? Mid-range 5G explained

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Phones don’t cause brain tumors, experts say

FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel speaking at Mobile World Congress 2022 in Barcelona.

FCC chair wants carriers to start planning for 6G now

fcc proposal aims to block ringless spam voicemails iphone on table showing voicemail message waiting indicator

FCC proposal aims to block ringless spam voicemails

Passenger airlines flying past a large radio communications tower.

5G rollout has been a disaster in the U.S. Here’s why

Three silhouetted passengers in airport waiting area with large airliner in background.

FAA says 50 U.S. airports won’t get expanded 5G coverage until later in 2022

Verizon 5G Super Bowl

Verizon moves forward with 5G UW expansion despite airline concerns

Quantus plane.

AT&T, Verizon backtrack on airline fears, agree to delay rollout of 5G spectrum

AT&T and Verizon have agreed to a two-week delay of the new C-band 5G spectrum rollout that was requested by senior U.S. transportation and aviation officials.
Aircraft coming in for a landing at dusk over a runway with Swiss Alps in the background.

AT&T and Verizon forge ahead with new 5G deployments despite aviation industry fears

AT&T and Verizon are moving ahead with the deployment of their midband 5G spectrum, despite aviation industry concerns.
The T-Mobile logo on a smartphone.

T-Mobile agrees to pay big bucks for last year’s 911 outage

T-Mobile has agreed a $19.5 million settlement with the Federal Communications Commission after a 12-hour outage last year that resulted in failed 911 calls.
Aircraft among clouds descending for a landing.

Verizon and AT&T propose 5G midband power limits to avoid aircraft interference

Verizon and AT&T have agreed to temporarily lower the power of their new midband 5G towers to quell fears that the new spectrum could interfere with aircraft.
A person texting on a smartphone.

FCC approves ‘988’ for texting the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

The FCC voted unanimously today to improve access to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline by allowing people to send a text message to 988.
Bose Sport Open Earbuds FCC photo

FCC filing reveals Bose Sport Open Earbuds with mini speakers

Bose's next true wireless earbuds may have been spotted in an FCC filing. Photos show an earhook-based design that will leave ears open to outside sounds.
huawei harmonyos interview peter gauden building full

FCC says it will cost more than $1.8 billion to replace Huawei, ZTE equipment

U.S. telecom providers will need to spend more than $1.8 billion to replace the Huawei and ZTE equipment in their networks, according to an FCC report.
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For towns large and small, 5G is the face of federal overreach

The fast-tracking of 5G leaves municipalities with little power to regulate deployment. They think the federal government is usurping local authority.
ajit pai

The FCC will hit phone carriers with a $200 million fine over location sharing

The Federal Communications Commission is going to hit AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile with a fine totaling $200 million for selling people's location data.
ajit pai

FCC: Some wireless carriers may have violated federal law on phone location data

A recent letter from FCC Chairman Ajit Pai states that “one or more” wireless carriers were found to have violated federal law as it relates to the disclosure of consumers’ phone location data.
5g capable phones manufacturers header getty

LTE and 5G are getting faster, thanks to 3.5GHz spectrum. Here’s why

Who doesn't love faster internet? The U.S.'s FCC has agreed to open up the 3.5GHz midrange band for commercial use, and has put four companies, including Google and Sony, in charge of rolling out faster networks to phone owners across the country. But it won't happen overnight, so hold on tight.
amazon slashes prices on linksys dual band and tri mesh wi fi routers the router 01  1

Wi-Fi 6E devices will embrace 6GHz. Here’s what it means to you

The Federal Communications Commission may release 1,200 megahertz of spectrum in the 6GHz band for some types of unlicensed uses including Wi-Fi. If that happens you can expect new devices that can support the 6GHz band and these new devices already have a name: Wi-Fi 6E.
susan collins net neutrality fcc commissioners

The FCC has officially approved the merger between T-Mobile and Sprint

A few weeks after voting on the merger between Sprint and T-Mobile, the FCC has published statements and officially passed approval. The two companies have long argued that the merger would result in a stronger 5G network, and that was one of the main reasons the FCC approved the deal.
mac pro display xdr first look wwdc 2019 hands on 10

FCC approves Apple’s new Mac Pro, suggesting an imminent launch

Apple’s Mac Pro has just received FCC approval, meaning it could be released any time now. This corroborates a leak from just days ago, which added further evidence that the high-end Mac is just days from launch. If you’ve been waiting to pull the trigger on the new Mac Pro, your chance could soon arrive.
Detail shot of the right side of the SNES Classic Edition controller

Nintendo’s FCC listing suggests the Switch is getting a wireless SNES controller

A listing for an SNES-style controller on the FCC's website shows that Nintendo could be preparing to offer the console's games on the Switch. Currently, only NES games are available with a subscription, and there is no Virtual Console to access your previous purchases on Nintendo Switch.
How to Watch Trump State of the Union

Trump’s FCC order could make social media even more of a garbage fire

A new draft executive order from the White House would put the Federal Communications Commission in charge of deciding what social media companies like Twitter and Facebook can remove from their sites. President Donald Trump's potential order could fundamentally change how social media companies operate.
5g capable phones manufacturers header getty

FCC rules that current 5G safety standards are just fine, thank you very much

The FCC has concluded that 5G poses no harm to human health as part of an investigation into current levels of radiofrequency exposure. This comment comes amid ongoing speculation that the fledgling networks of the next generation of mobile network could potentially be harmful en masse.
cell phone companies stop robocalls after fcc vote robo calls header

The FCC is going after international robocallers with new measure

The FCC wants to take on the robocalls issue in the U.S. head-on. FCC chairman Ajit Pai announced a new measure to ban international robocalls and malicious text messages that spoof caller IDs to appear as local calls and texts. The announcement is the latest move by the FCC against robocalls.
Ossia Lamp room scene example

Ossia scores FCC certification to transmit wireless power over distance

The news that Ossia has won FCC certification for its Cota transmitter and receiver, which is capable of delivering power wirelessly over distance, is a real boost for the industry. There are some major limitations here, but this is still an important step. We spoke to CEO Mario Obeidat to find out more.
ajit pai

What net neutrality? FCC head Ajit Pai would rather regulate Facebook

In a hearing on May 12, Ajit Pai answered a question about net neutrality by calling Silicon Valley tech companies the biggest threat to internet freedom. That's definitely a conversation to be had, but is he right to dismiss net neutrality concerns?
cell phone companies stop robocalls after fcc vote robo calls feat

Cell phone carriers now have the power to stop robocalls. When will they use it?

The Federal Communications Commission voted Thursday to allow cell phone companies to block robocalls by default, but the nation's major carriers would not give specifics on if or when they would use the newfound power to protect their customers from what's become a daily annoyance.
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FCC filing reveals mysterious new Google device, but no one knows what it’s for

There's a new Google media device that has appeared in information on the FCC's website, but so far no one is quite sure what the device is or what it will do. The device is listed as A4RH2B and is presumed to be a Google Home device because of its similarity to previous model numbers.