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Facebook’s new search will scour all public posts

Facebook's expanding the scope of its search function to encompass all 2 trillion (and counting) public posts on the social network. It's an attempt at transforming search into a more useful, cohesive tool.
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Facebook search now lets you relive all your old status updates

After indexing more than one trillion pieces of content, Facebook is finally ready to launch a new search feature that will include old status updates from friends and family in the search results.

Facebook is testing Graph Search for your mobile

Mark Zuckerberg has promised that 2014 will be a big year for Facebook's mobile operations, and we're already starting to see the evidence: Graph Search is now available on mobile to a select number of beta testers.
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Facebook’s browse feature: an attempt to lure you onto Graph Search

Are you one of the people Facebook is testing the Browse button on? You get a sampler of potential graph searches, although some may ruin your self-esteem.
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Everything you need to know about a little app called FBStalker

If you thought you were protecting your Facebook as much as possible, think again. A new app called FBStalker uses your friends list and Graph Search to find the most unfindable data.
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Everything you need to know about Facebook’s expanded Graph Search features

Here's everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask about Facebook's expanded Graph Search - and yes, you're probably going to need to fuss with your privacy setting again.
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You can now stalk even harder as Facebook makes more content Graph Search-friendly

If you've been meaning to clean up your Facebook account for potentially damning updates, you may now use Graph Search to search for topic specific posts.
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Before we start to ask Facebook for more, how about fixing these things first?

Facebook is constantly a source of user-rage - which has slightly spiked after it was revealed the site might be hiding a certain number for us. But before we start asking Facebook for more, when maybe we should just be fine-tuning the…
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Facebook’s Graph Search officially launches – here’s how to prepare

Any user who has the U.S. English language set on default will now be able to use the Graph Search function. The question is, did it get any better - or worse? And if you're just getting the update, how can you protect yourself?
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Facebook’s Graph Search flaw exposes names with phone numbers

Facebook claims that phone numbers on Facebook are public, but scraping these numbers ironically merits getting chased by Facebook's lawyers.
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Facebook makes a tiny change in its logo

Facebook's undergoing a lot of updates, with its logo seeing the most recent one. What changed? The new Facebook logo becomes even more simplified with the removal of the blue line under the Internet-ubiquitous “F” symbol we’ve all…
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Want to be a Facebook Home early adopter? These are the sacrifices you have to make

With all the excitement surrounding Facebook's new app family, it's easy to get ahead of ourselves and clamor for what's to come. But what's the come ... comes with some strings attached; if you want to be one of the first to get Facebook…