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facebooks new search will scour all public posts facebook 3

Facebook’s new search will scour all public posts

Facebook's expanding the scope of its search function to encompass all two trillion (and counting) public posts on the social network.

Facebook search now lets you relive all your old status updates

Facebook is testing Graph Search for your mobile

facebook testing browse feature lure onto graph search fb

Facebook’s browse feature: an attempt to lure you onto Graph Search

facebook help brands talking fbstalker

Everything you need to know about a little app called FBStalker

everything you need to know about expanded graph search

Everything you need to know about Facebook’s expanded Graph Search features

you can now stalk even harder on facebook as posts and status updates are searchable via graph search

You can now stalk even harder as Facebook makes more content Graph Search-friendly

facebook error

Before we start to ask Facebook for more, how about fixing these things first?

facebook graph search icon

Facebook’s Graph Search officially launches – here’s how to prepare

Facebook’s Graph Search flaw exposes names with phone numbers

facebook makes a tiny change in its logo logos

Facebook makes a tiny change in its logo

liking facebook home here are some things you need to be okay with first for now welcome

Want to be a Facebook Home early adopter? These are the sacrifices you have to make

facebook graph search icon

Everybody, calm down! Facebook brings back the ability to delete your Graph Searches

Facebook users might have noticed that the tab search your Graph Search history disappeared, but Facebook said that it was simply a bug that's been fixed.
facebook screens

What does the future of Facebook look like?

While the secret network keeps its roadmap cards close to the chest, recent actions and insiders help us get an idea where Facebook is heading.

She said yes! Graph Search is used for good in this social media-made proposal

Social media does not kill romance. In fact, tools like Facebook and Twitter can inspire it! Just ask this couple featured in a unique proposal video.
facebook evil

Facebook finally hides your phone number … after exposing it for nine months

It took Facebook 9 months to fix a bug that reveals your phone number, which prompts the question, can we truly keep our information private online?
embarrassing graph searches

Just a few examples of how Facebook Graph Search will embarrass you

Be careful of what you publish or like on Facebook, now that just about everything about you can easily be discovered on Facebook's Graph Search.
facebook graph search versus wonder main

Russian search engine Yandex’s Wonder app is on the outs with Facebook – here’s why

Yandex hits too close to Graph Search with Wonder, and Facebook comes back at it by pulling integration.
hands on with facebook graph search

Hands on: Facebook Graph Search digs deep, even if it doesn’t always strike gold

We go hands on with Facebook's search engine, Graph Search.
mothers of jews who like bacon facebook

Will Facebook Graph Search Make You Look Like an Idiot? Check out these actual Graph Search results

The new Facebook Graph Search holds a lot of promise, but it could also make you look really, really dumb.

Before Facebook Graph Search launches, scrub your profile with Facewash

You're bound to have embarrassing photos or comments published in your profile. Facewash steps in to find posts that should stay hidden.

Why Facebook’s Graph Search needs to be mobile right now

Facebook unveiled Graph Search this week, but all its innovation is confusingly desktop-only. Here's why Graph Search needs to be on mobile in a hurry
facebook bing graph search

Facebook turns to Bing for (some) help with Graph Search

fb search cycling home town

Why Facebook Graph Search is the best thing you never knew you always wanted

Facebook is rolling out a new product called Graph Search, the tool that will finally make sense of all the data you've been giving to the network.
introducing fb graph search

Facebook adds Graph Search, a new way to find content and new friends on the social network