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Activision offers ‘Guitar Hero Live’ refunds after obliteration of song library

Activision launched the Guitar Hero Live refund program as support for Guitar Hero TV ended, obliterating the system's song library. Players who want their money back will need to accomplish a claim form and meet certain requirements.
guitar hero live hands on preview

'Rock Band VR' setlist includes tracks by Aerosmith, Oasis, The Black Keys

So far the setlist for Rock Band VR is a variety of classic rock and modern pop-rock, with songs by Aerosmith, Van Halen, The Killers, and OneRepublic. Harmonix also revealed that Rock Band plays much differently on VR.
rock band vr setlist

Rock Band studio Harmonix hiring for motion-controlled action game on Xbox 720, PlayStation 4

Creators of the modern rhythm game start hiring for their first next-gen project, a motion-based combat game.

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