Guitar Hero

'Rock Band VR' setlist includes tracks by Aerosmith, Oasis, The Black Keys

So far the setlist for Rock Band VR is a variety of classic rock and modern pop-rock, with songs by Aerosmith, Van Halen, The Killers, and OneRepublic. Harmonix also revealed that Rock Band plays much differently on VR.

Guitar Hero Live comes back strong (first impressions)

While it's been a few years since we last rocked out with the franchise, Guitar Hero Live is everything we loved about it and more. Find out what's new, what to expect and more in this quick first impressions video.

Guitar Hero Live nixes traditional DLC in favor of pay-per-play streaming

Developer Freestyle Games revealed its plans for Guitar Hero Live's add-on content this week, announcing that players can use in-game currency to purchase individual sessions with streamed tracks.

OK, call it a comeback: Shredding anew to ’90s nostalgia in Guitar Hero Live

After a five-year hiatus, Guitar Hero Live revives the stagnant series with new modes like Live and TV, plus a brand-new controller designed to make the game even easier to play.

Guitar Hero Live setlist update features tracks from Disturbed, OneRepublic

Activision has issued a setlist update for the upcoming Guitar Hero Live, introducing featured artists like Disturbed, OneRepublic, and Foster the People.

Guitar Hero Live’s party pass grants timed access to full GHTV catalog

Activision's upcoming rhythm franchise revival Guitar Hero Live will offer full access to its online music catalog via a "party pass" feature, developer FreeStyle Games revealed.

Guitar Hero is reportedly tuning up for an E3 2015 announcement

Unnamed sources inside of Activision suggest that Guitar Hero is making a comeback in 2015, with an announcement at E3 and a release later in the year.

Harmonix heads into its post-Rock Band career with funding for three new games

Harmonix will begin its third life on the next generation of consoles. Just days before the studio is scheduled to release its last round of DLC for Rock Band, venture capital firm the Foundry Group announced it will back the company's…

Hurricane Sandy brings down Call of Duty, Guitar Hero online multiplayer

Data centers in the American northeast were affected by Hurricane Sandy as well, with facilities flooded and lacking power. A number of Activision games, including entries in the Call of Duty and Guitar Hero series, have been taken offline…

Rock Band studio Harmonix hiring for motion-controlled action game on Xbox 720, PlayStation 4

Creators of the modern rhythm game start hiring for their first next-gen project, a motion-based combat game.
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Leaked Activision memo compares Guitar Hero and Call of Duty

A leaked internal memo penned by Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg plays down similarities between the recently cancelled Guitar Hero franchise and the enormously popular Call of Duty franchise, which will continue to be supported with regular…

Activision VP says that the Guitar Hero franchise isn’t dead, it’s simply ‘on hiatus’

Activision VP of developer relations Dan Winters clarifies the publisher's position on the Guitar Hero franchise, which is considered to now be "on hiatus."

Game over Guitar Hero: Rocksmith is the real guitar video game

Child-sized guitars and button mashing not quite doing it? Upgrade to Ubisoft's Rocksmith and learn how to actually play an instrument.

Activision finally kills Guitar Hero

With customers no longer clamoring to get their hands on a plastic axe, Activision has decided to put the Guitar Hero franchise to rest.

Study: Video games have positive effects on young girls

Digital dads will be happy to note that logging gaming time with their daughters isn’t just fun, it’s healthy, according to a new study.

Viacom sells Rock Band maker Harmonix

Viacom has sold game maker Harmonix to investment company Columbus Nova...and the Rock Band and Dance Central franchises go with it.

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock trailer debuts

The newest entry in the Guitar Hero franchise is due out in the U.S. on September 28.