This photo booth lets you use a selfie for a corporate headshot

Photo booths just got an upgrade -- the Iris photo booth is designed to take selfies that are good enough for corporate headshots, no photographer required. One session with a single download costs $20.
Emerging Tech

Cyber war: British army goes high-tech with futuristic drones and VR headsets

The British military is set to invest just over $1 billion in future technologies over the next 10 years, with expectations that virtual reality, drones, and laser guns could all become part of active field gear by the end of the decade.
Smart Home

Iris by Lowe’s introduces a second generation of its hub for $60

Lowe's launched the second generation of its smart-home solution, Iris by Lowe's. The lower-priced hub ($60) is more powerful and includes Bluetooth capability. The redesigned app is meant to be more intuitive, too.

Intel clears up socketed Skylake eDRAM confusion

Intel's Skylake range of chips will not come with a socketed version supporting both Iris Pro graphics and eDRAM, according to an announcement from the CPU maker. For that, gamers will need to look to Broadwell.

Inspired by jet fighter tech, the Iris HUD brings hands-free cell functions and nav to any car

The Iris is a laser heads-up display that bundles smartphone connectivity, a unique navigation system, gesture control, and geolocation information into one device. It's made to replace the sun visor in any car.
Smart Home

Leaving town? This box won’t just detect a burst pipe, it will stop it automatically

Home improvement retailer Lowe's has just added an ingenious new gizmo to its popular Iris home automation line, a smart water valve that can automatically shut off your water if it detects that a pipe burst.

Here’s Haswell! Get up to speed on Intel’s faster, leaner, cooler 4th-gen processors

Intel's using Computex as a platform to launch its fourth generation of Core processors, code-named Haswell. The processors will be coming to a PC near you in the latter half of 2013. Should you wait for their release before buying your…
Android Army

Cluzee is Android’s latest answer to Siri

The latest in the line of Android attempts at Siri clones, will Cluzee be the one?

RIM Acquires Browser Maker Torch Mobile

There's hope that BlackBerry devices might get a decent Web experience: RIM has just acquired Torch Mobile, makers of the Iris mobile browser.
Smart Home

MusicNet Offers Over 1 Mln DRM-Free Tracks

Leading digital media provider MusicNet has announced it will offer more than 1 million DRM-free music tracks from EMI and other labels for its partners to sell.

Zune Goes to Market and Apple Responds with Vengeance

Microsoft's Zune launched today to mixed results while Apple strikes back with an airline industry deal.
Home Theater

Panasonic Shows Off 1080p Home Projector

Panasonic is showing off its PT-AE1000U, a new home theater projector which offers 1080p resolution and a contrast ratio of 11,000-to-1.
Home Theater

Sony Grand WEGAs Go Large

Sony's Grand WEGA line of rear-projection HDTVs just filled out with 60- and 70-inch units, sporting native 1080p resolution, HDMI, and CableCARD slots.

Sony debuts DSR-PD170 professional DVCAM

Sony introduced the DSR-PD170 compact camcorder to its DVCAM line of professional video equipment, the fastest-growing professional video format with more than 400,000 units sold.