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Debunking Dark Mode: Here’s why it won’t improve your laptop’s battery life

Dark Mode is known to improve battery life for certain devices, like a smartphone with an OLED screen. Does that apply to laptops, as well? To find out we tested two laptops, one running Windows and one running MacOS.
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Tim Cook says people don’t want iOS and MacOS to merge. What do you say?

Apple's Mac OS would benefit from a merger with iOS. Apple could reinvigorate interest in its MacBook Pro laptop from its prosumer audience by adding features first found on iOS, like LTE support, inking capabilities, and a touchscreen to its Mac.

Apple to unveil ‘future of iOS and Mac OS’ at WWDC 2011 on June 6

It's official: Apple's World Wide Developer's Conference will take place in San Francisco on June 6. The company says iOS and Mac OS will take center stage.

Joost Pulls Plug on Client Software

Video streaming service Joost is killing off its client software in favor of being a purely browser-based streaming video service.