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Here’s how to zoom in on a Mac, no matter what app you’re using

Here's how to zoom in on a Mac no matter what app you are using. Learn zoom shortcuts, how to change zoom behavior and settings, and how zoom works with the Touch Bar on newer Macs.
How to zoom in on a Mac

Debunking Dark Mode: Here’s why it won’t improve your laptop’s battery life

Dark Mode is known to improve battery life for certain devices, like a smartphone with an OLED screen. Does that apply to laptops, as well? To find out we tested two laptops, one running Windows and one running MacOS.
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Apple to unveil ‘future of iOS and Mac OS’ at WWDC 2011 on June 6

It's official: Apple's World Wide Developer's Conference will take place in San Francisco on June 6. The company says iOS and Mac OS will take center stage.

Free Ecofont Looks to Save Ink

It might not be your first choice for an ad campaign, but for printing email and every documents, the free Ecofont can cut ink consumption by up to 20 percent.
dell takes a slice at apple with super thin latitude z dellz closed