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The Paratrooper Elite is a folding mountain bike for adventurers

Getting up and down a mountain doesn't require a mountain of a bike. Here to prove that is the all-new Paratrooper Elite, the latest product to come out of Montague Bikes. The company has debuted an innovative high performance mountain…

Conquer the mountain with the Pesu e-bike, now available on Kickstarter

Cycling purists may not like the sound of an electric mountain bike, but for those of us who may not want to expend the energy to get up (or down) a giant natural edifice, there's the Pesu.

Rev your bikes: Sea Otter Classic hosts second annual electric mountain bike race

For the second year in a row, the Sea Otter Classic hosted an electric mountain bike race which fielded more than 70 different racers who competed over 373 feet of hill climbs, rigorous rock gardens, and a grueling sand pit.

Tackle any trail with this beastly, 3-wheeled electric mountain bike

The 90-pound Juggernaut looks like the perfect blend of a motocross bike and a Jeep and after taking it out for a brief spin, it's safe to say this three-wheeled beast has the ability to tame the toughest of trails.

The harder you fall, the better Leatt’s new All Mountain bicycle helmet works

Bicycle helmets are there to protect our head and brain -- and new technology is helping to make them more effective at doing just that. Leatt has created an innovative new safety innovation with its 2017 All Mountain bicycle helmet.

Looking for an adventure? Getaways is a guided mountain bike trail service

Sacred Rides, a mountain bike tour company, has started the Getaways program to pair bikers around the world with an experienced guide. Bikers find their guided experience just like they would on apps such as Airbnb.

Need for greater speed: Mountain biker breaks his own record in the French Alps

There is something about going fast that invites innovation. On Friday, Frenchman Eric Barone surpassed his previous world record and reached 141.498 mph, which further cemented Barone as the world's fastest mountain biker.

Going off road can be a lot easier and less tiring with the Voltinator ebike

Risse Racing Technology, an Oregon-based company known for their suspension components, has created the ebike with attitude. Dubbed the Voltinator, it's an electric mountain bike built for rough conditions.

Mountain France's new Dynamic fork promises to elimnate downill brake dive

If you are annoyed by brake dive, then you should take a close look at the new Motion France Dynamic fork, a cutting edge component that promises to eliminate brake dive on the fly and requires zero maintenance.
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This e-bike gives mountain bikes a run for their money

Freway took into account all the things that other e-bikes did wrong and added all the features they got right, plus a few improvements. While most other e-bikes are made for city slickers, the Freway can brave off-roading in addition to…