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From vaping to drones, 8 tech trends we may look back on and cringe

Folks used to insulate their homes with asbestos and smoke on airplanes. What are the modern tech trends which may prompt similar 'what were they thinking?' reactions in the future? Here are eight.
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Head in the clouds: The complete noob's guide to ecigs and vaping

Vaping can be complicated to say the least. Thankfully, our comprehensive guide can help you understand the new FDA regulations and answer any questions you might have in regards to choosing your nicotine level and mods.
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Study: Vanilla, cinnamon, and butter e-cig flavors are more harmful than others

A new study coming out of University of Rochester Medical Center suggests that cinnamon, vanilla, and buttery flavors of e-cigarettes rank among the worst in terms of toxicity levels.

Puff, Puff, recharge. E-cigarettes are booming, and China is ground zero

The e-cigarette industry is growing rapidly, and China is at the epicenter. Inside the three-day eCig Expo, vendors show off new wares, do business, and discuss the opportunities – and challenges – of selling the world a new way to…

Be careful before using your PC to charge up your e-cigarette for your next vaping fix

The seemingly innocuous and decidedly low-tech e-cigarette can be used to break into a machine, but don't panic yet: it's not the vaporous aspects of e-cigarettes themselves that are at fault.
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Study finds ecigs may cause as much DNA damage as unfiltered cigarettes

A new study from the University of Connecticut suggests that vaping using a device filled with nicotine-based liquid can cause just as much DNA damage as smoking regular cigarettes.
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Patent application suggests Apple might be eyeing the vaping industry

A recently published patent application suggests Apple may be eyeing the booming vaping industry. Consistent with Apple's focus on excellence, the vaporizer is designed to maximize vapor production and minimize waste.
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Cigarette-puffing robot simulates the effect of smoking on your lungs

Researchers working to discover more about how smoke impacts people’s health have developed an artificial human lung airway-on-a-chip and smoking robot to carry out more accurate tests.
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The pipe dream is over: FDA regulates vaping

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced that it would begin regulating all tobacco-related products including cigars, pipe tobacco, hookah tobacco, and e-cigarettes. This new rule will have a profound effect on the e-cig and vaping…
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Put that e-cig away! Vaping is banned on all commercial airlines in the U.S.

There's been some confusion over the use of e-cigarettes on flights, according to the government. In a bid to clear up the matter, it's just issued a "final rule" explicitly banning the use of the device on planes.
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Smoke this phone — the Vaporcade Jupiter

Vaporcade says it has worked tirelessly to integrate texting, talking, and vaping into “one spectacular, innovative technology" it calls the Jupiter smartphone, and boast of its supposedly "limitless" applications.
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UK Department of Health finds e-cigs 95 percent less harmful than normal cigarettes

"In a nutshell, best estimates show e-cigarettes are 95percent less harmful to your health than normal cigarettes," the report states, "and when supported by a smoking cessation service, help most smokers to quit tobacco altogether."
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Social acceptance of e-cigarettes is on the rise, and that may be a problem

The growing popularity of e-cigarettes has now been vastly attributed to the "cool factor" that comes along with seeing friends and families taking a drag from one of these battery powered devices.
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Malware-hosting e-cigs could be bad for your computer’s health

You might want to think twice before plugging your e-cig into your laptop to charge it, particularly if it's a cheaper brand — reports say some devices have been found to be carrying malware.
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FDA finally steps in on e-cigs, to announce ‘sweeping new rules’ Friday

According to a report from The New York Times, the US Food and Drug Administration will finally lay down some long-awaited rules aimed at regulating e-cigarettes.
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New study finds that e-cig vapor affects cells similarly to tobacco smoke

A new study published in the scientific journal Nature shows that mutations in cells exposed to e-cig vapor were "strikingly similar" to those exposed to tobacco smoke
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Craft Vapery is an expertly-curated ‘e-liquid-of-the-month’ club for vapers

Looking to try some new e-liquid flavors, but don't know where to find 'em? Check out Craft Vapery -- a subscription-based service that sends you new flavors each month for a low monthly fee.

I’m banned from using e-cigarettes in my own house … and I can’t really argue with it

I can fully sympathize with the ostracized vapers in New York City and Chicago, who must now wallow in the frigid hell outdoors: Vaping is banned in my house – and I don't really have a good argument against that.