Virtual Reality

The Glitch Mob spent a year making a VR experience as otherwordly as their music

For four years, EDM group The Glitch Mob has been performing in a high-tech, spaceship-style stage design called The Blade. Justin Boreta discussed changes made for The Blade 2.0, and how the band members are "children of music technology."

Don’t expect to ever see virtual reality on the Xbox One

Xbox One fans may have been hoping to play virtual reality games on the console in the future, but Microsoft currently has no plans to bring any sort of VR or AR technology to its console.

Limited-time offer: Score the HP Windows Mixed Reality headset bundle for $199

The HP Windows Mixed Reality headset turns your PC desktop into a set of interactive holograms and does double duty as a full-featured VR device. For a limited time, the new HP Windows Mixed reality headset bundle is just $199.
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VR experience re-creates the Anne Frank House as it looked during WWII

The Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam is launching a virtual reality tour of the Anne Frank House's Secret Annex, where the famous diarist and her family hid from the Nazis during World War II.
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Clever new method solves VR’s ‘infinite walking’ problem by tricking your brain

By exploiting an involuntary eye movement that humans use to orient themselves in physical space, a new VR project could make infinite walking in virtual reality a real thing. Here's how it works.

Microsoft patent could make playing ‘NBA 2K18’ in VR feel more realistic

Microsoft's accessories for virtual reality will make it feel more real when you're playing a game of virtual hoops. You will be able to feel drag as you're trying to make a shot, and virtual checks will feel like real ones.

Drones are no longer crash-test dummies thanks to MIT’s new VR training platform

To better train drones and reduce the risk of damage, MIT engineers developed a training platform called "Flight Goggles" that uses virtual reality. This enables a fast-flying drone to train for a task using a virtual environment.

First preproduction units of the Pimax ‘8K’ VR headset to ship to testers in May

The Pimax team updated its Kickstarter post, reporting that preproduction models of its 8K VR headset will ship this month to 10 participants in the closed beta. If approved, the headset will go into production and ship to backers in June.

How gaming company Unity is driving automakers toward virtual reality

Unity Technologies, best known for the software tools it builds for game developers, has quietly turned its attention toward the auto industry. Unity's tech now enables virtual walkarounds of cars that haven't even been built yet.
Emerging Tech

Mind-reading tech is here to help, not put you away for thoughtcrime

From drones to bionic arms, here are eight examples of amazing pieces of mind-reading technology that are already being explored in some of the world’s most exciting research labs.

Gamers aren’t convinced by Windows Mixed Reality headsets

The audience for Windows Mixed Reality headsets is shrinking on Steam, despite a steady drop in prices since the platform first debuted. Just 5 percent of all VR users on Steam now use WMR hardware.
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These four virtual reality experiences will make you feel real emotions

During a TED Talk in 2015, Chris Milk, founder of VR production company Milk Studios, deemed virtual reality "the ultimate empathy machine," because you can insert yourself into the scenes and feel as if you are actually there. Since…