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Apple Events and Announcements

The iPhone 12 under neon lighting.

Apple’s iPhone 13 could open for pre-orders on September 17

A listing by an e-commerce site seems to confirm reports of an iPhone 13 announcement on September 14 and pre-orders for September 17.
Apple's Tim Cook at an Apple event

Apple reportedly hosting multiple September events to launch new iPhones, iPads

A new report claims that Apple plans on hosting multiple product launch events in September to announce its fall lineup of iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks.
iPhone 12 compared.

The iPhone 13’s powerful new camera features just got detailed in a new report

The iPhone 13 will reportedly bring the popular portrait mode to video as Apple beefs up its videography with ProRes support and a faster A15 chip.
The iPhone 12 Pro Max in-hand.

Apple iPhone 13 launch date rumored for September 14 with a 1TB storage option

Apple is rumored to be launching the iPhone 13 in the third week of September with a 1TB storage option. If past patterns hold, this would be Tuesday, the 14th.
apple ipad mini 2021 specs a15 rumor

The new iPad Mini could come with the same A15 processor as the iPhone 13

Apple's iPad Mini refresh will have the same A15 chip as the iPhone 13, a new report says. The company is also said to be refreshing the basic iPad with an A13.
Google Pixel 2 Review showing off its Always On Display

The next iPhone could have an always-on display like rival Android flagships

A new report claims that Apple plans to put an Always-On Display on its iPhone 13, similar to the Apple Watch and Android flagships from Samsung and Google.
apple prueba iphone12pro pacific blue 10132020 full bleed

Apple to dramatically boost iPhone 13 production, report says

Apple is reportedly anticipating stronger-than-usual demand for the iPhone 13 and as a result is boosting production dramatically.

New redesigned MacBook Pros might launch in September alongside the iPhone 13

The new MacBook Pro could finally get released in September 2021, after many months of speculation and unfulfilled rumors that its launch was imminent.
iphone 12 camera

Apple’s next iPhones are coming with huge camera upgrades

New iPhone 12S rumors say the company plans to improve the cameras on the Pro model — but those updates will also carry over to its cheaper phones next year.
iPhone 12 range

iPhone 12S to get 120Hz screen and more power, but no Mini model, report says

The jury's still out on whether the next iPhone may be called the iPhone 12S or the iPhone 13, but you probably won't see a new iPhone Mini either way.
iphone 11 in neon lighting

The iPhone 13 doesn’t need an M1 chip — it needs these 7 things instead

Some rumors indicate that Apple could bring the M1 chip to the iPhone -- but it doesn't need an M1 chip. It needs these seven things instead.
iPhone 12 models

Apple finally releases iOS 14.5 with new privacy features and Find My app update

Apple has finally launched iOS 14.5, bringing with it a series of small tweaks, as well as improvements to how iOS handles privacy.
Apple iPad Pro M1 Lifestyle Image

MacOS and iPadOS will never merge — and the M1 iPad Pro is proof

Think the new M1 iPad Pro means iOS and MacOS are merging? Think again. In fact, Apple’s pro tablet speaks volumes about why that will never happen.
Apple Airtag in different polyurethane and leather key rings and loops

AirTag shows Apple’s masterful tactic of accessorizing your accessories

Apple knows how to invigorate a vibrant product ecosystem. The new AirTags are designed to need accessories, even ones you didn't know you needed.
iPad Pro 12.9 (2021) vs. iPad Pro 11 (2021)

Here’s why I probably won’t upgrade to Apple’s new iPad Pro

Apple has finally taken the wraps off of the 2021 iPad Pro, a device that has been rumored for some time. But as an iPad Pro lover, I'm not sure I'll upgrade.
tim cook at the apple spring loaded event 2021

Apple Spring Loaded event: Everything announced yesterday

Apple announced a new iMac, iPad Pro, AirTag, Apple TV 4K and more at it's Spring Loaded event.
women using new imac computers

There are 2 things I really don’t like about the new 24-inch iMac

Apple has engineered a dramatic redesign of the iMac, and there's a lot to like about the new look. But not everything is for the better.
Apple AirTag lifestyle image.

Apple AirTag vs. Tile Tags: Comparing the item trackers

What’s the difference between Tile Trackers and Apple's AirTag? We break it down in this comparison.
Man using an Apple Pencil with Apple iPad Pro with M1 chip.

Now Apple has no excuse to keep 5G out of the MacBook

The new iPad Pro comes with an M1 chip and 5G capability, which makes us wonder why 5G is absent from the M1-enabled MacBook. Now, Apple has no excuse.
ted lasso season 2 trailer premiere date apple tv

Apple keeps it positive with Ted Lasso season 2 premiere date and trailer

Apple will bring its heartwarming, critically acclaimed series Ted Lasso back to Apple TV+ on July 23, and has a new season 2 trailer to accompany the news.
iPad Mini 5

Not seeing a new iPad Mini is no big surprise

The mini tablet has its fans, but there may not be enough for Apple to build a 2021 iPad Mini, which was a no-show at its Spring Loaded event.
iPad Pro 12.9 (2021) vs. iPad Pro 11 (2021)

Apple’s new 12.9-inch iPad Pro has mini-LED backlighting. Here’s what that means

The new 12.9-inch Apple iPad Pro gets a new display armed with mini-LED backlight technology. Here's what that means and what it will bring to the new tablet.
iPad Pro 12.9 (2021) vs. iPad Pro 11 (2021)

Apple’s new iPad Pros boast MacBook-level M1 chip, XDR display, and 5G

Apple has taken the wraps off of the new iPad Pro, which offers a similar design to previous-generation models, but adds Apple's M1 chip and more.
Apple TV 4K 2021 with new Siri remote

New Apple TV 4K gets more power, new Siri remote

Apple's latest Apple TV 4K is more powerful and gets a new version of the Siri remote that addresses one of its biggest pain points: The touchpad.
24-inch iMac at Apple's Spring Loaded event

The iMac redesign is a window into Apple’s future — and it’s exciting

Apple’s iMac redesign is huge in every way, but it would not be possible without the M1 chip. That has huge ramifications for the future of the entire Mac line.
Apple TV 4K new remote.

Can’t stand the Apple TV touchpad? You can buy the new Siri remote for $59

Along with a new version of the Apple TV 4K, today Apple showed off a new Siri remote. With a design that hides the touchpad, you can buy it on its own.
imac lifestyle image

The iMac Fusion Drive is finally dead — good riddance

Now that Apple is replacing the 21.5 inch iMac with the new 24-inch M1 powered iMac, the fusion drive is gone forever in favor of solid-state drives.
apple ipad mini deal prime day 2020 featured resized

Everything Apple didn’t announce at its Spring Loaded event

Despite all that was announced at Apple’s Spring Loaded event, plenty of rumored products never made the cut. Here is everything that was not revealed.
Apple AirTag close up.

Apple AirTag will track down missing gadgets and valuables for $29

Apple just announced its minuscule, attachable tracker called AirTag during its Spring Loaded event. Now you won't have trouble finding misplaced items.

How to watch Apple’s Spring Loaded event if you missed it live

New iPads, AirTags, and a colorful iMac made their debut at Apple's Spring Loaded event. Here's how to watch the event if you missed it.
apple podcast subscriptions

Apple’s Podcasts+ subscription service makes debut at Spring Loaded event

During its Spring Loaded event, Apple announced the new, subscription-based Podcasts+ service with exclusive shows and a redesigned app for podcasts.
New Purple iphone 12

The iPhone 12 now comes in a purple color that’s perfect for spring

Apple has launched a new color option for the iPhone 12. The new purple iPhone color will be available for pre-order starting Friday, April 23.
A locked iPhone, showing the lock icon at the top of the screen.

Pairing Touch ID with Face ID would be the smartest addition to the iPhone 13

Apple is rumored to be bringing back Touch ID for the iPhone 13, making it easier to get into your iPhone with a mask. I hope the rumors turn out to be true.
Fingerprint technology. Credits: Samsung official.

I hope the iPhone 13 has a fingerprint sensor as good as the Galaxy S21’s

The iPhone 13 may bring back Touch ID with an in-display fingerprint sensor -- but if Apple does bring it back, I hope it's as good as the Galaxy S21's.