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Apple Events and Announcements

iPad Air announced with new colors.

Apple supercharges the iPad Air 5 with an M1 chip and 5G

Apple's new iPad Air is finally here with an M1 processor, 5G, and improved cameras.
iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 13 will turn green at today’s Apple event, claims rumor

Today's Apple event may see the launch of a new iPhone 13, but rather than new technology inside it, the change will come on the outside.
A top-down view of 2022 Apple iPad Apple showing the Apple M1 graphic on the screen. Two hands flank the iPad, with the left hand holding an Apple pencil.

Last-minute iPad Air 5 rumors put the mighty M1 chip inside

Per fresh rumors, the iPad Air 5 might rock the M1 chip inside with 5G, more RAM, and double the base storage in tow. All that, at the same $599 asking price.
iPhone 13 standing upright showing back.

Apple iPhone 13 vs. iPhone 12: What are the big differences?

The iPhone 13 is available. But is it better than the iPhone 12, and is it worth the upgrade? We took a deep dive into both to find out.
iPhone SE 2020's Touch ID sensor.

Apple is the only company that can pull off an iPhone SE

As Apple gears up to release another iPhone SE, it's worth thinking why other companies haven't adopted this deceptively simple sales strategy
iPhone SE 2022 launching in Q1 Gurman

40% of iPhone users will buy the iPhone SE 2022, survey says

As per a SellCell survey, 40 percent of existing iPhone users are willing to buy the iPhone SE 2022 owing to its low-asking price, compact size, and 5G upgrade.
A person holding the iPad Air 4.

What we want to see from the iPad Air 5

I have some thoughts on what I want from the updated version of the iPad Air. Here's a wish list of features I'd like to see on the next iPad Air.
Wyze Floor Lamp lighting up iphone SE red

What we’d like to see from the iPhone SE 2022

Here's a wish list for the iPhone SE (2022), which Apple is expected to announce at a March 8 event.
Members of the press photograph an Apple Pro Display XDR at WWDC 2019.

Apple may unveil this ‘wild card’ device at its March 8 show

Want to know what’s coming at Apple’s Peek Performance event? One source says Apple could reveal a “wild card” product alongside the iPhone SE and iPad Air.
Apple's new Mac Pro sits on display in the showroom during Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC).

Mac Studio desktop, 7K studio monitor could be in the works

Apple is rumored to be working on a new Mac mini for pros, and the powerful desktop could launch as the Mac Studio.
iPhone SE 2020 Screen Front.

How Apple can make the iPhone SE 2022 a massive success

If Apple brings a new iPhone SE to its March 8 event, we want it to have Touch ID, a bigger screen, and a low price. Impossible? Not necessarily.
Apple's Craig Federighi standing in front of the iOS 15 logo.

Apple iOS 15: News, features, and everything you need to know

The new iOS 15 operating system is out and comes with a variety of enhancements and new features for the Apple iPhone. Here's everything you need to know.
Person using the all new iPhone 13.

The best iPhone 13 cases and covers

The Apple iPhone 13 is a wonder, but its innovations won't count for much if you damage it. Protect it with one of the best iPhone 13 cases and covers.
iPhone 13 vs. Samsung Galaxy S21.

iPhone 13 vs. Samsung Galaxy S21: Battle of the flagships

The iPhone 13 may be Apple's best smartphone to date, but is it better than the Samsung Galaxy S21? We find out in this head-to-head phone comparison test.
iPhone 13 Pro camera module.

How to buy all of the iPhone 13 models

The new Apple iPhone 13 range has been revealed, and all four models are incredible and available. Here's where you can buy the new iPhone 13.
Apple Watch Series 7

Apple Watch Series 7: Everything you need to know about the latest smartwatch

The Apple Watch Series 7 was announced in September 2021. Here's what you need to know about the new smartwatch.
The AirPods Pro placed on top of a red iPhone.

AirPods 3 could finally debut at Apple’s Unleashed event on October 18

Despite being a no-show at Apple's iPhone 13 launch event, experts still believe we'll see the AirPods 3 before the end of the year.
Apple Watch Series 7 blood oxygen levels data.

How to pre-order the Apple Watch Series 7

The Apple Watch Series 7 is available for pre-order. Here's everything you need to know when deciding where to get yours.

iPhone 13 Pro vs. Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus

The new iPhone 13 Pro is here, but is it good enough to see off Samsung's Galaxy S21 Plus? We put the two head-to-head in a battle royale to find out.
The iPhone 13 Pro and Galaxy S21 Ultra held in hand.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra’s great camera doesn’t make life easy for the iPhone 13 Pro

The Galaxy S21 Ultra's camera is feature packed and takes excellent photos, but is Apple's iPhone 13 Pro better? We've put them up against each other.
The iPhone 13 Pro's lock screen.

Apple’s iPhone 13 and iPad Mini are facing more display and touch problems

Buyers of Apple's new iPhone 13 and iPad Mini have reported display and touchscreen problems just a week after launch.
The iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro.

It turns out the iPhone 12 Pro is the iPhone 13 Pro’s toughest camera rival

Is the iPhone 13 Pro calling you? We test if the iPhone 13 Pro camera is a worthwhile upgrade from the iPhone 12's.
iPhone 13 Pro Max back.

iPhone 13 Pro Max vs. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

The iPhone 13 Pro Max has a very good claim on being the ultimate premium phone, but so too does the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. We find out which device is best.
iPhone 13 Pro seen from the back and held in hand.

My first 48 hours with the iPhone 13 Pro were almost too easy

I've spent 48 hours with the iPhone 13 Pro, and they've been blissfully easy. Here's how the rest of the phone and the camera have performed over the weekend.
Main home screen on the iPhone 13 Pro.

Do MagSafe cases really keep your iPhone 13 safe? Allstate put them to the test

The iPhone 13 underwent a series of drop and durability tests from Allstate. See how it fared.
iPhone 13 models arrayed with screen on.

24 hours hands-on with the iPhone 13, Pro, Max, and Mini: Refinements all around

I spent 24 hours with the iPhone 13, Pro, Max, and Mini. Here are my first impressions and key takeaways.
Multiple iPhone 13 screens showing iOS15.

Apple iOS 15 features that aren’t available at launch

Many iOS 15 features aren't available at launch, and people with older iPhone models won't get some of the new features at all. Find out which ones.

How to download iOS 15 right now

iOS 15 is finally here, and that means it's time to download the final release onto your favorite iPhone. Here's how to download iOS 15 right now.
Hands holding the iPhone 13 Pro Max & Pro image composite.

Trust me, a Samsung user: You want the iPhone 13 Pro’s 120Hz display

As a Samsung user, let me be the first to tell you why the high refresh screen on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max is such a big deal.
Apple Watch 7 compared Feat image.

Apple Watch Series 7 vs. Apple Watch Series 6

The Apple Watch Series 7 hits the scene with a bright new color scheme and expanded screen space. We provide a comparison with the Apple Watch Series 6.
iPhone 13 mini case feature image.

Pre-ordering the iPhone 13 today? Here are some tips and tricks you should know

Pre-orders for the iPhone 13 begin on September 17, but you can already check out the carrier deals and even register in advance for your phone.

Don’t buy the Apple Watch Series 3 anymore — it’s not worth it

From design to specs, the Apple Watch Series 3 isn't the best option for consumers, even on a tight budget. Here's why.
Apple Watch Series 7 sleep data.

The Apple Watch Series 7 rumors were wrong, and here’s why I’m glad they were

The rumors that we'd see a slablike, flat-sided Apple Watch at Apple's most recent event turned out to be mistaken, and I'm hugely relieved. This is why.
New iPhone 13 Colors: Pink, Blue, Midnight, Starlight, & Product RED.

Which of Apple’s new iPhone 13 models is kindest to your wallet?

Apple this week unveiled an updated iPhone comprising four different models. So which iPhone 13 has the best price and what does it offer?