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Lies of P running on the Asus ROG Ally.

I would give up my Steam Deck if the ROG Ally 2 had these features

Rumor has it that Asus is working on a new revision to the ROG Ally. Here's what it would take for me to finally give up my Steam Deck for Asus' handheld.
The Mandalorian and Grogu in a poster for the Disney+ series.

5 things we need to see in The Mandalorian & Grogu Star Wars movie

Very little is known about the next Star Wars film, but here are some things we all want to see in The Mandalorian & Grogu.
A nun stands in a red room in Indika.

Don’t ask questions! Just play this wild and weird nun game

Come to Indika for its wildly weird style, but stay for its thoughtful theological debates.
iPad Air 5 seen from the back and held in hand.

Apple’s new iPad Air could be in trouble

We're expecting a lot of new iPads next week, including two new iPad Air models. It's exciting, but also potentially concerning.
Printing is fast and economical with the HP Smart Tank 7602.

I use these simple printer tips to save money on ink and toner

Learn how to greatly reduce printing costs and make your ink and toner cartridges last much longer with these expert tricks and tips.
Pins on Core i9-12900K.

What to do if your Intel CPU keeps crashing

While Intel and motherboard vendors investigate instability issues, here's what you can do to prevent crashes on your PC.
Kirby and his friends post in Kirby and the Amazing Mirror art.

3 retro classics to play on Nintendo Switch Online this weekend (May 3-5)

These Switch Online games are perfect companions to recent releases like Stellar Blade, Endless Ocean: Luminous, and Tales of Kenzera: Zau.
Three phone screens with the PlayStation Stars app.

If you’re not using PlayStation Stars, you’re missing out

The PlayStation Stars program still isn't perfect two years later, but it's a hidden gem that all players should take advantage of.
The main character of Tales of Kenzera: Zau stands with two elemental items.

3 underrated PS Plus games you should play this weekend (May 3-5)

If you're a PlayStation Plus Premium or Extra subscriber looking for something to play this weekend, check out these games from EA, Sabotage, and LucasArts.
Senua in Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice.

3 Xbox Game Pass games you need to play this weekend (May 3-5)

If you're looking to dig into Xbox Game Pass' catalog this weekend, give these three games a try.
Craig Federighi introducing macOS Sonoma at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June 2023.

The 6 key things Apple must fix in the next version of macOS

Apple’s macOS 15 operating system is nearly here, and that means changes are coming. Here are six things Apple needs to fix in the next version of macOS.
Intel Core i9-13900K held between fingertips.

4 CPUs you should buy instead of the Intel Core i9-13900K

Intel's Core i9-13900K is a monster of a CPU, but recent instability concerns might make you want to consider some alternatives. Here are our favorites.
Phil Nickinson holding the Beats Solo 4 and the Beats Studio Pro headphones.

Beats headphones showdown: Solo 4 vs. Studio Pro

Beats has a couple good headphone contenders in the Beats Solo 4 and Beats Studio Pro. But which is right for you? We'll help you decide.
Lexie B2 OTC Hearing Aids in hand.

Two years later, over-the-counter hearing aids are still finding their groove

Americans have been able to buy over-the-counter hearing aids for almost two years. Have they made a difference? We ask the experts.
A Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus laying on concrete.

5 phones you should buy instead of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus is a great Android phone — but so are these five alternatives.
Batman stands in front of a bat shadow in Batman: Arkham Shadow.

I’m thrilled about Batman: Arkham’s move to VR — and you should be too

Batman: Arkham Shadow might not be the game fans wanted, but the VR exclusive has serious potential.
Someone holding the Honor Magic 6 RSR outside.

The Honor Magic 6 RSR is my new favorite Android phone of 2024

There are endless choices for a good Android phone in 2024. But as of right now, the Honor Magic 6 RSR is my new go-to. Here's why.
A man walks into a simulation in The Thirteenth Floor.

25 years ago, The Matrix led a mini movement of sci-fi simulation thrillers

From The Matrix to eXistenZ to The Thirteenth Floor, 1999 was an unusually robust year for sci-fi movies that put the world inside a computer.
Nomi AI companion profile.

Nomi is one of the most unsettling (and amazing) apps I’ve ever used

This AI partner talks. It can send you selfies. It tries to fill voids, comfort, guide, and even fulfill fantasies. Some even built a family. This is Nomi.
The Razer Iskur V2 gaming chair in an office.

Razer’s most boring product is also one of its best

The Razer Iskur V2 doesn't have any gimmicks, and that's exactly what makes it one of the most exciting products from the company.
A person holding the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and Xiaomi 14 Ultra.

This is one of the toughest smartphone camera comparisons I’ve ever done

Which Ultra Android phone, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra or the Xiaomi 14 Ultra, has the best camera? I found out in this massive, in-depth comparison.
Senua stares ahead wearing war paint.

What’s new in May 2024: 7 games that you need to play this month

This May might sound like a slow month for games on paper, but it might end up being one of 2024's best.
Key art for Funko Fusion.

Funko Fusion mashes up The Thing, Hot Fuzz, Nope, and much more

Funko Fusion might be the most eclectic IP crossover game yet, drawing on everything from Back to the Future to Nope.
A 2024 summer blockbuster movie preview header image.

From Ryan Gosling to Furiosa: a preview of 2024’s promising blockbuster summer season

From The Fall Guy and Furiosa to Deadpool & Wolverine, 2024's summer movie season is shaping up to be the best in years.
Three party members stand side by side in Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance.

Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance is darker, harder, and smoother

We got a deep look at Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance's new story -- and its even darker than we expected.
Apple May 7th event promo on Apple website, on iPad.

The 4 biggest announcements we expect from Apple’s May 7 event

Apple's May 7 event is right around the corner. What are we expecting from the (very likely) iPad-centric event? Here's a preview of what you need to know.
Apple Vision Pro

5 headsets you should buy instead of the Vision Pro

The Vision Pro no longer has the best VR headset available. Check out these challengers that beat Apple's best in display quality, comfort, and price.
The Hyte Y40 PC case sitting on a table.

It’s time to stop settling for a noisy gaming PC

It's easy to settle for a loud gaming PC after getting everything set up, but with a little tweaking, you can make your rig run cooler and quieter.
Samsung Galaxy S24 (left) and Google Pixel 8 in hand.

5 ways the Samsung Galaxy S24 beats the Google Pixel 8

Thinking of buying either a Google Pixel 8 or a Samsung Galaxy S24? Here are a few reasons why the Galaxy S24 is the better choice.
Apple iPad Pro 11 with Apple Magic Keyboard.

Apple has backed itself into a corner

The iPad Pro is about to get an M4 chip, but that means all kinds of weirdness could affect upcoming Macs, with release schedules being thrown into disarray.
TikTok logo on an iPhone.

Worried about the TikTok ban? Here are 5 TikTok alternatives you should use

Though TikTok isn't banned quite yet, it may be soon. Here are some alternatives worth checking out.
The Logitech G Cloud Gaming Handheld sits on a stack of comics.

I was wrong about cloud gaming. One small setup change showed me the light

I wasn't a believer in cloud gaming when I tried it before, but a tweak to my router has turned me into a convert.
Someone holding the Rabbit R1 with its screen turned on.

I spent four days with the AI gadget of the future, and it was a mess

The Rabbit R1 is an AI-powered gadget that can help you get things done quicker than you're able to with your phone. At least, that's what it's supposed to do.
A man hangs out with two guys in Boy Kills World.

Boy Kills World’s Dawid Szatarski on making the action movie’s insane fight scenes

In an interview with Digital Trends, action director and fight coordinator Dawid Szatarski discussed how he created elaborate fight scenes in Boy Kills World.