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Velotric Discover 2 left profile view with parked by a pond with tall aquatic grasses.

Velotric Discover 2 e-bike review: a premium ride for a not-so-premium price

The Velotric Discover 2 is a sophisticated all-purpose e-bike that exceeded my expectations for performance and rider experience.
Tivoli Audio SongBook held in hand.

Tivoli Audio SongBook speaker review: a retro-style portable musicians will love

If you have a taste for retro design and the simplicity of mono sound, the Tivoli Audio SongBook is a portable (but pricey) speaker that doubles as an amp.
Front and side of the BMW i7 eDrive50

2024 BMW i7 eDrive50 review: ultimate luxury

The BMW i7 sets a new bar for interior luxury, offering plush seating and tons of controls for even the second row of seats. But is it worth the cash?
asus zenbook s 13 oled 2024 review olympus digital camera

Another good laptop gets swept away by Copilot+

The Asus Zenbook S 13 OLED is another laptop that's soon to be superseded by a new class of fast and efficient machines. Its price needs to drop to compete.
SMT5 Vengeance cover art

Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance review: One of the best RPGs just got even better

Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance includes a reworked story, new gameplay mechanics, and more quality-of-life features that make the original game obsolete.
Dakota Fanning stands in front of a mirror in The Watchers.

The Watchers review: a tedious disappointment

The Watchers is a disappointing folk horror thriller that never lives up to its potential. The film is now playing in theaters.
A man and a woman stand in a gun range in Hit Man.

Hit Man review: At last, the star vehicle Glen Powell deserves

Anyone but You and Top Gun: Maverick star Glen Powell reunites with Richard Linklater for Hit Man, an eccentric comedy on Netflix that proves he's a star.
Sonos Ace logo earcup close-up.

Sonos Ace review: These headphones are almost as awesome as we’d hoped

The Sonos Ace are a superb set of wireless headphones that have the potential to become a must-have accessory for Sonos owners.
Canon's imageClass MF753Cdw is a sturdy color laser printer.

Canon imageClass MF753Cdw laser printer review: fast color for your home office

I tested the value and quality of Canon's imageClass MF753Cdw, a home office color laser printer that can print, scan, copy, and fax.
Martin Lawrence talks to Will Smith in Bad Boys: Ride or Die.

Bad Boys: Ride or Die review: a fun summer action movie

Bad Boys: Ride or Die is a fun, if forgettable, addition to one of Hollywood's most reliable action franchises. It's now playing in theaters.
Dell XPS 13 2024 front view showing display and keyboard.

Dell XPS 13 (2024) review: Great laptop. Wrong chip?

The 2024 Dell XPS 13 maintains the controversial design elements of the XPS 13 Plus, now with better cooling.
M4 iPad Pro and the Magic Keyboard.

iPad Pro (2024) review: the best tablet I’ve ever used

The iPad Pro (2024) is unmatched. The tech here is almost unrivaled. The looks are magnificent. The keyboard is terrific. But it’s not without its flaws.
The JBL PartyBox Stage 320.

JBL PartyBox Stage 320 speaker review: power, clarity, and karaoke on wheels

If you're a DJ or just someone who wants clean, great-sounding volume and fun party features for your gatherings, the JBL PartyBox Stage 320 is a solid buy.
The 1More Z30 Sleeping Earbuds next to their case.

These cheap sleep earbuds do one thing better than almost all the others

Sleep routines are incredibly personal, but will your preferences match the 1More Z30 Sleeping Earbuds' strengths? We find out in our in-depth review.
The Shokz OpenSwim Pro next to swimsuits.

I used headphones that work in the water — and now out of it, too

The Shokz OpenSwim Pro add Bluetooth for use on land and make these swimming headphones that much better.
Gazelle Eclipse e-bike left profile view parked on grass with trees and an old swing in the background.

Gazelle Eclipse e-bike review: All you’ll need and more

The Gazelle Eclipse e-bike is best used as a primary form of personal transport in a city or town and for daily commuting.
The Shokz OpenFit Air in their charging case.

Shokz OpenFit Air review: more affordable, just as safe

The Shokz OpenFit Air are more affordable (but still excellent) options for earbuds if you need to hear the world around you.
Multiple Jedi wield their ignited lightsabers together in The Acolyte.

The Acolyte review: a refreshing change of pace

The Acolyte feels like a breath of fresh air for the Star Wars universe. The Disney+ series premieres today.
The back of the Apple iPad Air (2024).

iPad Air (2024) review: the iPad most people should buy this year

If you're shopping for an iPad this year, you've probably been drawn to the iPad Air (2024). It looks like the sweet spot in the range, but is it? We found out.
The JBL Xtreme 4 Bluetooth speaker. [Embargoed image 06/03]

JBL Xtreme 4 review: a sweet-sounding battery beast with AI smarts

The JBL Xtreme 3 is a tough act to follow, but the Xtreme 4's 30-hour battery, AI smarts, and gorgeous, clear sound make it 2024's Bluetooth speaker to beat.
Johnny swings an axe in In a Violent Nature.

In a Violent Nature review: an old-fashioned gorefest, updated

In a Violent Nature is an admirably ambitious update of the slasher movie genre. It's now playing in theaters.
HP EliteBook 1040 2024 front view showing display and keyboard.

HP EliteBook 1040 review: a simple, beautiful business laptop

The HP EliteBook 1040 G11 is a well-equipped and well-built business class laptop with superior security and management features. And you'll pay for it all.
An Asus gaming monitor sitting on a table.

Asus ROG Strix XG27AQDMG review: an incredible, glossy OLED monitor

Brighter, cheaper, and with a glossy coating in tow, the Asus ROG Strix XG27AQDMG manages to address the pain points with OLED gaming monitors.
Someone holding the Moto G Stylus 5G (2024), showing the back of the phone and its stylus.

I used Motorola’s new $400 Android phone. Here’s why you should buy it

The $400 Moto G Stylus 5G (2024) is one of the newest budget Android phones to hit the scene. Is it worth your time and attention? I used it to find out.
[Embargoed until 05/29) Soundcore Boom 2 Plus Bluetooth speaker.

Anker Soundcore Boom 2 Plus review: simply dynamite

The $250 Soundcore Boom 2 Plus is powerful, waterproof, and rugged, making it the Bluetooth speaker to get for listening to care-free summer tunes.
TCL 50 XL 5G in a bush.

How good can a $160 Android phone really be? I used one to find out

The TCL 50 XL 5G is a new Android phone that can be yours for just $160. But is it any good? I reviewed it to find out.
The Corsair One i500 sitting on a coffee table.

I hate prebuilt gaming PCs — but the Corsair One i500 changed my mind

The Corsair One i500 is an expensive gaming PC, but it still manages to feel worth every penny.
Furiosa aims her rifle in "Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga."

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga review: a thrilling new trip down Fury Road

George Miller takes Mad Max out of Mad Max, but there are thrills aplenty in his astonishing spinoff prequel Furiosa.
A woman pilots a robot in Atlas.

Atlas review: an absurd Netflix sci-fi movie that works as a guilty pleasure

The new Netflix sci-fi movie Atlas isn't original or really that good, but it's an enjoyable watch thanks to lead star Jennifer Lopez and an anything-goes plot.
Canon's imageClass MF654cdw is a large, sturdy printer.

Canon imageClass MF654cdw review: a low-cost, high-quality color laser printer

Canon's imageClass MF654cdw is a high-quality color laser printer at a budget price, so we checked what tradeoffs were made to make it so affordable.
A top down view of the Alienware m16 R2.

Alienware m16 R2 review: threading the needle

The Alienware m16 R2 is a complete redesign of the line, and attempts to thread the needle in terms of value.
HP Envy x360 14 2024 front view showing display and keyboard.

HP Envy x360 14 (2024) review: missing the mark where it counts

The HP Envy x360 14 is the first laptop I've reviewed with Intel's 15-watt Meteor Lake chipset. That promises better efficiency, but I didn't see it.
Mario in a hot cut cutout in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door's Nintendo Switch remake.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door review: GameCube remake is as iconic as ever

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door remains a classic with its Nintendo Switch remake thanks to its hilarious writing and approachable RPG gameplay.
Senua in Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 review: Xbox’s new exclusive is a fierce sequel

Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2 is one of the best Xbox Series X console exclusives yet thanks to its stunning visuals and sound design.