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samsung s9 dtd11152017

Samsung S9 smartphone to come in three — maybe four — versions?

We review the new Google Pixel Buds earbuds, upcoming Samsung S9 may be going small, Bill Gates buys big plot for smart city project.
Ctrl, Alt, Delete

Bill Gates is building his own city, and he’s loading it with smart tech

Bill Gates' investment group purchased 24,800-acre development outside of Phoenix, Arizona to build a smart city.
energy harvesting walkway berlin google and uk clean tech business pavegen unveil the largest ever at festival of lights 1

Google helped create an energy-harvesting walkway that’s on show in Berlin

Google helped create this smart energy-harvesting walkway and light show for Berlin's 2017 Festival of Lights.
smart crosswalk concept starlingcrossing

When smart cities arrive, this is the smart crosswalk we want to see

A futuristic concept called the Starling Crossing uses object tracking and LEDs to create a smart crosswalk.
San Juan Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria is using to track its infrastructure recovery

Puerto Rico website is keeping track of the island’s re-emerging infrastructure is a website the Puerto Rican government set up so citizens can see how the recovery effort is going.
smart city

How Austin brought the human touch to smart city planning

In becoming a smart city, Austin wants residents at all economic levels to benefit from the new tech.
barcelona smart city technology aerial view of eixample district  spain

Tech is making life in Barcelona better, even if you don’t know it’s there

Barcelona doesn’t just want to dazzle techies with its smart-city technology; it wants to help every citizen, young and old, live better.
pew atari ceo says business good ataribox way dtd07172017

Pew pew pew! Atari CEO says business is good, ‘Ataribox’ is on the way

Also today: Amazon may be getting ready to launch a message/chat/social media app, Kansas City moves forward with their 'smart city' plans.
kansas city smart technology downtown skyline

Sensor-studded Kansas City is like a giant smartphone. Now it just needs apps

Though Kansas City didn't win the Smart Cities Challenge, it's using sensors to gather data and make decisions.
Smart Cities Oslo Norway night view of business center

Beneath the futuristic architecture, Oslo really is as smart as it looks

denver smart city technology cities night view of downtown

With Panasonic’s help, Denver is building a smart city within a city

San Diego Smart City

From EV fleets to LED streetlights, San Diego is America’s premier smart city

fm radio singing posters screen shot 2017 03 02 at 17 29 42

By hijacking FM radio signals, we can have singing posters, talking shirts

New method for embedding audio and data in regular FM radio signals ushers in an age of singing posters and talking shirts.
kansas smart city kc streetcar 4

Check out the technological upgrades that helped Kansas City become one of the smartest cities in the U.S.

Thanks to investments from Sprint and Cisco, Kansas City has just made its bid to become one of the United States' smartest cities.
fordhub nyc

Ford built this high-tech hub in New York to prove it’s more than a car company

As a part of its effort to build a portfolio of products that empower smarter cities, Ford has opened its first "hub" in New York
belfort france smart city urban transportation bus and bike sharing station

Big data helps Belfort, France, allocate buses on routes according to demand

The charge was to optimize the city of Belfort's urban transportation system. The challenge was to do it quickly and without great cost.
smartest cities in the world singapore marina

These smart cities are building infrastructures for the 23rd century

As urban populations grow, there becomes an increased need to revamp our infrastructures. These smart cities are building the urban centers of the future.
jio google phone smartindia02

Cisco has plans to support the creation of 100 smart cities in India

Cisco wants to bring its networking hardware, software, and expertise to India, where it plans to augmented 100 cities with connected systems.
city of chicago adding sensors to its streetlights chicagosensor3

Chicago’s innovative new streetlights will monitor the city’s every move

This summer, Chicago has moved forward with installing smart devices on street lights geared towards monitoring the city's constantly changing vitals.
alphabet google anniversary business changes becomes

Alphabet's ideal city vision involves a world where Uber is king

Sidewalk Labs documents reveal plans in which cities would rid themselves of public transportation and instead subsidize travel through services like Uber.
company blocks personal wi fi hotspots is slapped with big fine shutterstock 215996671

Updated: Smart City fined after blocking Wi-Fi hotspots at convention centers

The FCC revealed today that it's fining telecommunications company Smart City for jamming personal hotspots at convention centers.
ge is making apple homekit compatible light bulbs smart street lights san diego

New GE light bulbs to warn of hurricanes, find you a parking spot, and more

to grow up and not out san jose needs get smarter feature

To grow up and not out, San Jose needs to get smarter (with more tech)

microsoft cities unlocked wearable for the blind 6558

Microsoft blinded me for an hour, turned my ears into eyes, and blew my mind

Microsoft's working on a clever piece of wearable tech that's designed to help blind people navigate around cities, and open up the world around them.