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Brother's L8360 is a great color laser printer for small offices.

Windows has a print vulnerability that hackers are actively using

Microsoft has acknowledged a vulnerability in the Print Spooler that could leave your PC open to hackers under a very specific situation.
windows 10 for mobile news version 1452682105 lumia 950 950xl front rear

Windows 11 on a Lumia 950 XL? These students somehow pulled it off

One engineering student has done the impossible by managing to run Microsoft's new Windows 11 operating system on an old Lumia 950 XL Windows Phone.
Android Apps on Windows 11

Google might have just complicated running Android apps in Windows 11

Google is moving away from using Android APKs in the Google Play Store in August, and this might make sideloading Android apps in Windows 11 a bit harder.
Windows 11 on a tablet.

Windows 11 first impressions: An exciting new era, controversies aside

Windows 11 is finally here, and it ushers in a new era for WIndows with a sweeping visual overhaul, new productivity features, and a new Microsoft Store app.
New multitasking features on Windows 11.

Study finds that 32% of Windows users plan to upgrade to Windows 11

A new survey finds that a lot of people want the next-generation Windows. It revealed that 35% of Windows users plan to upgrade to Windows 11 at some point.
Windows 11 updates are moving to once a year.

Microsoft has fixed a huge frustration with the Windows 11 system requirements

Microsoft fixed a big frustration with the PC Health Check app so that it actually explains why your PC is not able to run the new Windows 11.
White Windows 11 Logo in front of blue background.

Microsoft releases the first major Windows 11 preview build

Microsoft has just released the first major version of Windows 11, bringing with it the new store, keyboard, and settings app.
The Windows 10 tablet mode on the Surface Pro 6.

How Windows 11 will finally fulfill the true potential of the Surface Pro

Windows 11 will make a huge difference for Windows tablets like the Surface Pro and Surface Book.
microsoft teases new file explorer windows 11

Windows 11 teases a cleaner and modern File Explorer app

Windows 11 brings a lot of big changes, and one of them is a new File Explorer app that's modern and more touch-centric.
Windows 11 on laptop screen

Windows 11 event: All of the major announcements from Microsoft

Windows 11 is the next version of the OS, but that's not all Microsoft had to announce during its Windows event.
microsoft brings android apps to windows 11 tiktok computer

Android apps come to the Microsoft Store in Windows 11 via the Amazon App Store

In a surprising move, Microsoft is introducing Android Apps in Windows 11, powered by the Amazon Store. The company even showcased the TikTok app running.
Xbox Game Pass games on Windows 11.

Microsoft brings improved gaming features from Xbox to Windows 11

Microsoft has announced some gaming updates coming in Windows 11, including Auto HDR and Direct Storage.
panos panay at the Windows 11 event.

Microsoft officially announces Windows 11 as the next generation of Windows

Microsoft has officially announced Windows 11, the next version of the Windows operating system and the successor to Windows 10.
panos panay microsoft surface pro laptop interview panospanaymicrosoft feat

How to watch Microsoft’s Windows 11 event today

Microsoft is set to talk about the next generation of Windows and Windows 11 at its event today. You can watch all of the action right here live.
Lenovo's new Chromebooks with Privacy Shutters and Design on a table

Lenovo’s stylish new Chromebook has a dual-tone design and LED light bar

Lenovo's 5i-14 Chromebook and Lenovo Flex 5i-13 Chromebook sport a striking design that make them stand out from the crowd of Chromebooks.
Lenovo's THinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 4 Opened Up On the Table.

Lenovo’s new ThinkPad X1 Extreme sports a 1080p webcam and RTX-30 graphics

Lenovo is refreshing its lineup of mainstream ThinkPad laptops with features like a bigger display, newer processors, and an FHD webcam.
The new centered Windows 10 Start Menu with a red and black background

Here’s why Windows 11 will probably be a free upgrade from Windows 10

Windows 11 is coming soon, and judging from how Microsoft has done things in the past, it is likely that it could be a free upgrade for everyone to enjoy.
A screenshot of Windows 11 interface.

5 ways Windows 11 will finally make Windows tablets true iPad competitors

Windows 10's tablet mode has been the source of much controversy, but Windows 11 seems to fix those problems by removing it entirely.

Windows 11 has the killer multitasking feature we’ve always wanted

The window grouping feature in the Windows 11 preview is the killer feature that makes us hype for the next generation of Windows that's to come on June 24.
Viva Insights in Teams with new Focus Mode.

Microsoft Teams to integrate Headspace and Focus mode to help meeting anxiety

With meeting times and stress levels on the rise, Microsoft is introducing well-being features in Teams, designed to help you cool your mind and relax at work.
A computer on a desk with the Microsoft Teams program open.

Microsoft brings collaborative Office apps to Teams to support hybrid workflows

Microsoft is announcing several hybrid workforce-themed updates to the Microsoft Teams desktop application as well as the Teams Rooms experience.
A screenshot of Windows 11 interface.

Microsoft Windows 11 preview: 11 new features we are most excited for

Windows 11 has officially been announced. Based on the preview version we've been using, here are the features we're most excited about.
The fourth-generation Lenovo Thinkpad P1 with a nature scene on the display.

Lenovo’s new ThinkPad P1 Gen 4 comes with a 1080p webcam, RTX 3080 graphics

Lenovo is refreshing the ThinkPad P1 lineup with some much-needed features for hybrid workforces, like FHD webcams, 16:10 aspect ratio displays, and more.

Windows 11 leak gives us our first look at the radical new design

Leaked screenshots might have spoiled Microsoft's June 24 event, all but confirming a massive redesign for the rumored Windows 11 operating system.
HP Elite C1030 Chromebook

Chrome OS was born 10 years ago. Here are the highlights in its rise to power

In 10 years, Chrome OS evolved from a browser-based operating system to something much bigger, and it has made a lot of noise in the computing world.
windows search down fix 10 cortana laptop 768x768

Ahead of the rumored Windows 11 launch, Microsoft hints at the end of Windows 10

With the June 24 what’s next for Windows and Windows 11 event a week away, an updated Microsoft support page is hinting at the end of Windows 10 support.
microsoft outlook getting new features

7 things you didn’t know you could do in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a popular emailing client and solution, but there are a lot of secrets that are hidden behind the menus. Here are seven of them.
macos monterey features youll only find on m1 macbooks mac os montery2 copy 768x768

These MacOS Monterey features are exclusive to the newer M1 Macs

Apple’s incoming macOS Monterey update has some unique features in Facetime and Apple Maps, which those with Intel-based Macs won’t be able to enjoy.
A person using MS Word.

6 things you didn’t know you could do in Microsoft Word

We've done the digging and discovered six things that you probably didn't know you could do in Microsoft Word
samsung announces android apps your phone windows 10

Windows 11 could finally bring Android apps to the Microsoft Store

Microsoft's upcoming Windows 11 operating system could bring Android app emulation, according to a new report that cites the work of a Microsoft employee.
Apple's redesigned MacBook Pro set to release in the second half of this year.

Adobe Illustrator and Lightroom are now 80% faster on M1 than on Intel Macs

Now rolling out are native Apple M1 versions of Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Lightroom Classic, all of which will see several performance improvements.
apple wwdc 2021 everything announced mac os montery2 copy

The best new MacOS Monterey features Apple just announced

Here's a look at the best new MacOS Monterey features to try out once the public beta opens up next month.
apple wwdc 2021 everything announced mac os montery2 copy

Apple’s MacOS Monterey brings the next big update for Macs

On stage at the Apple WWDC conference, announced MacOS Monterey, the 12th version of the Macintosh operating system.
Google Press Photo of Google products

7 things you didn’t know you could do in Gmail

There's much more to Gmail than just sending and receiving email. If you rely on Gmail every day, these tips will make your life much easier.