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microsoft new edge now rolling out automatically image 1

A Windows 10 update brings Microsoft’s excellent new Edge browser to the masses

The new Microsoft Edge browser is replacing legacy Edge and is making its way to more Windows 10 PCs as an automatic install via Windows Update.
A Microsoft Surface Book opened and being used.

Here’s why your PC can’t install the Windows 10 May 2020 Update yet

The latest version of Windows 10 has officially launched, but is not available for all PCs. Here are the reasons it might not be available for your PC just yet.
dell xps 17

Dell XPS 17 vs. MacBook Pro 16-inch: Which big laptop reigns supreme?

With the upcoming introduction of the XPS 17, Dell is moving its XPS lineup even closer to Apple's MacBook. Here, we pit the MacBook 16-inch against the XPS 17.
rasberry pi introduces 8 gb 4

You can now cram your Raspberry Pi 4 with 8GB of RAM for $75

On Thursday, May 28, the Raspberry Pi Foundation introduced a new $75 Raspberry Pi 4 model with 8GB of RAM, doubling the previous limit of 4 GB.
A woman wearing a Valve VR headset.

HP teams with Valve on Reverb G2, ‘world’s highest-resolution VR headset’

HP teamed up with Valve to introduce the new Reverb G2 Windows Mixed Reality headset. The follow up to the Reverb G1, the new headset is designed for gamers
razer announces blade 15 studio edition laptop

Razer’s new Blade 15 Studio is the perfect canvas for content creators

Available starting at $4,300, Razer is introducing an updated Blade 15 Studio model with a slim-bezel 4K resolution OLED display and Nvidia Quadro RTX graphics
windows search down fix 10 cortana laptop 768x768

The Windows 10 May 2020 Update is now out, and here’s how to get it

After nearly a year of beta testing, the next update to Windows 10 is officially available for download via Windows Update and the media creation tool.
hp elitebooks monitors commercial refresh elitebook 3

HP launches new AMD-powered EliteBooks, 4K monitors, powerful all-in-ones

HP will be refreshing its lineup of commercial devices for spring 2020. It now includes a range of new Elitebooks, workstations, displays, and other desktops
Microsoft Edge browser on a computer screen.

Goodbye, old Edge. Microsoft’s new browser will soon automatically replace it

At the Build 2020 developer conference, Microsoft announced all Windows 10 devices will get the new Microsoft Edge within the next few weeks.
The Windows 10 tablet mode on the Surface Pro 6.

Project Reunion is Microsoft’s plan to fix its fragmented Windows app problem

At Build 2020, Microsoft is announcing Project Reunion. The new app unification project looks to make it easier for developers to code Windows 10 applications
hololens 2 dark mode launching new markets build 2020 microsoft hands on feature 768x768

HoloLens 2 will have dark mode, 5G support when it launches globally this fall

The Microsoft HoloLens 2 Mixed Reality headset will come to additional markets this fall. It also will be getting new features, including 5G dongle support.
microsoft build 2020 what to expect satya nadella keynote 1000x646

Build 2020: What to expect from Microsoft’s online-only developer conference

Though it has moved to an all-digital event, Microsoft still has a lot prepared for its Build 2020 developer conference. Here's what to expect May 19 and 20.
dell announces xps 15 17 laptops 01

Dell’s XPS 15 and XPS 17 usher in a new era of MacBook Pro competitors

Dell has launched its redesigned XPS 15 and added a new XPS 17. These are Dell's most powerful laptops, featuring a sleek new design and improved internals.
tile finding technology coming to all pcs laptop

Tile is coming to future Intel devices, so you’ll never lose your laptop again

Thanks to a partnership with Intel, Tile's finding technology will soon be embedded in new laptops, helping make lost or stolen devices a bit easier to find. 
microsoft confirms windows 10 x single screen devices b5398ddb6eed22d586aaa3eaf71ff362

Microsoft to bring Windows 10X to laptops first, pivot from dual screens

Microsoft has officially confirmed that the Windows 10X operating system once intended for only dual-screen devices, will be coming to laptops and tablets, too.
samsung galaxy book flex vs dell xps 13 2 in 1 6 768x6400

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex vs. Dell XPS 13 2-in-1: A new challenger approaches

We stack the design, display, battery life, and performance of the Dell XPS 13-2-in-1 against that of the Samsung Galaxy Book Flex to aid your buying decision.
specs for dell xps 15 17 leak online 9vuocnz

Leaked specs reveal a monster Dell XPS 17 that could trounce the MacBook Pro

Official-looking specifications for Dell's upcoming new XPS 17 and refreshed XPS 15 laptops appeared online. The laptops look to compete with Apple's MacBook Pro.
surface go 2 news rumors roundup

Microsoft says Thunderbolt 3 is not safe for Surface products

A leaked video highlights the security concerns around Microsoft not including Thunderbolt 3 ports on its Surface devices.
Microsoft Surface laptop 3

Surface Laptop 3 15-inch vs. MacBook Pro 16-inch: Which is better?

Microsoft is now in a better position to compete with Apple's MacBook Pro lineup. We compare the 15-inch Surface Laptop 3 against Apple's new 16-inch model.
Microsoft Surface Go Review

Surface Go 2: Everything you need to know about Microsoft’s smallest 2-in-1

The Surface Go 2 is rumored to launch as early as this spring. Here's everything we know about the device so far, including price, specs, and release date.
Microsoft Surface Go Review

Microsoft to launch Surface Go 2 in May with larger screen, slimmer bezels

The most affordable Surface device, the Surface Go 2, is said to be coming in May with a slimmer bezel, as well as improved Intel processors under the hood.
surface laptop 3 could have amd eight core processor 2 review 8118 768x768

Windows 10 May 2020 Update review: Small tweaks that matter

The upcoming Windows 10 May 2020 Update is aimed at streamlining some things across the operating system that's now used on 1 billion devices across the world.
lenovo legion y740 15 review 1

Lenovo’s new Legion 5 gaming laptop will be powered by AMD’s Ryzen 4000

Following announcements it made at CES 2020, Lenovo is providing pricing, availability, and more specifics about its lineup of Legion gaming devices for 2020.
why surface duo should run windows10x in hand

Why delaying the Surface Neo to 2021 was the only way Microsoft could save it

Delays are never a good sign, but with the stakes high for the future of Microsoft's dual-screen devices, here's why moving the Neo to 2021 is a good thing.
Surface Neo

Surface Neo: Everything you need to know about Microsoft’s first dual-screen PC

The Surface Neo is Microsoft's vision for the future of the mobile PC with a dual-screen setup, intuitive removable keyboard, and a new version of Windows.
microsoft 365 personal teams for family deepen your connection to and friends with skype

Amid Zoom’s rise, Microsoft Teams is hosting 2.7 billion meeting minutes per day

With COVID-19 spreading, Teams is becoming more popular. A report shows the meaning behind the numbers and how the desire to connect online is changing lives
ASUS Chromebook Flip C214 sitting on a desk in a classroom.

Google to finally give Chrome OS the tablet mode it always needed

Chromebook tablets and 2-in-1s just got a bit more useful. Google announced some changes for Chrome OS, like a new tablet mode and touch-friendly gestures
dell xps 17 15 specs photos leak redesign

Leak reveals a stunning redesign of the Dell XPS 15 and the return of the XPS 17

Dell's large-screen XPS 17 laptop could be making a comeback, and the XPS 15 could be getting a major redesign as well, judging from a series of recent leaks.
hp envy 17 2020 going on sale

HP launches a new $1,250 Envy 17, reviving the glory days of 17-inch laptops

HP's Envy 17 laptop will soon be available for sale at Best Buy starting at $1,250. It sports a 17-inch display, fresh Intel processors, and a new Nvidia GPU.
A photo of Microsoft Edge running on a Windows laptop

Microsoft’s Edge browser is now more popular than Firefox, gaining on Chrome

Microsoft's new Edge browser is on a roll. According to new data out from the firm NetMarketshare, Microsoft Edge is now the second most popular web browser.
office 2019 mid 2018 satya nadella chief executive officer on stage at microsoft build 2017

Microsoft has reportedly canceled all in-person events through June 2021

Microsoft could be considering transitioning most of its events to digital-only through next year. The change could impact the 2021 Build developer conference.
Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Windows 10 20H1 update: All the changes launching this spring

The next version of Windows 10 is scheduled for release in spring 2020 and will bring some minor changes to File Explorer, virtual desktops, and much more.
windows search down fix 10 cortana laptop 768x768

Microsoft may finally kill the legacy Control Panel in Windows 10

Future versions of Windows 10 might remove the legacy Control Panel app in favor of the modern settings page. The change may come in the fall 2020 update.
A close-up of someone using Microsoft Teams on a laptop for a videoconference.

Microsoft is retrofitting Teams for work in the coronavirus era

Microsoft Teams has new features focused on people who are noe working from home. These include real-time noise suppression, a raise-hand feature, and more.