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Now that Game of Thrones is over, which fan theories came true?

We finally know who won the Game of Thrones, but fans had all kinds of predictions going into the finale, many of which were more interesting than what actually happened. Here's our list of the fan theories that came true, the ones that didn't, and the ones we're still not sure about.
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The Iron Throne deserved better: Who should have been ruler of Westeros

A look at some of the people who could have been the best King or Queen to sit on the Iron Throne in Game of Thrones, and what they would have brought — and in one case, will bring — to their kingdom, given the opportunity.
Catelyn Stark

Game of Thrones: Plotlines from the books that played out differently (or not at all) in the series

HBO's Game of Thrones series has diverged from George R.R. Martin's novels in some pretty significant ways over the last eight seasons. Here are some of the plot points and story arcs that never happened in Game of Thrones or played out differently in Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire books.
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Game of Thrones’ best supporting characters, from Bronn to Tormund

While much of the focus in Game of Thrones is on the main characters who are fighting for the Iron Throne, there are several bit characters -- from Bronn and Tormund to Beric Dondarrion and Lady Lyanna Mormont -- all of whom have played crucial roles in helping them get there.
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An Obi-Wan TV series? 10 things we’d love to see on Disney’s streaming service

The upcoming Disney Plus streaming service will have tons of great content from Disney's many properties, but with so much to draw from, the sky is the limit. Here are ten projects on our wish list that we'd like to see make their way to Disney's impressively packed new Netflix competitor.
Jon Snow and friends vs. the White Walkers and the Night King

The 10 most brutal battle scenes in Game of Thrones, from Hardhome to The Door

Game of Thrones features some of the most gruesome, brutal battle scenes in all of television, with body counts in the thousands, severed heads and limbs, burning bodies, and any other morbid form of death you could possibly imagine. From Hardhome to the Battle of the Bastards, here are the 10 best.
Scarlett Johansson

Seeing double: These actors have twins you probably didn’t even know about

From Scarlett Johansson and Linda Hamilton to Billy Dee Williams to Keifer Sutherland and others, these famous actors have lesser-known twin siblings who have remained out of the spotlight, working either behind the cameras or outside of the entertainment business altogether.
Mister Hooper – Sesame Street

When art imitates life: TV characters that were nixed when their actors died

How does a TV series deal with the death of an actor? In most cases, the characters are killed off rather than being replaced. In the wake of the recent death of Riverdale actor Luke Perry, here are 10 characters who were killed off after the real-life deaths of the actors who played them.
Jonah Hill and Emma Stone in Maniac.

11 Hollywood heavyweights who jumped from the big screen to the small screen

From Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep to James Franco and Mahershala Ali, lots of Hollywood A-list actors with successful film careers are flocking to television projects during the second Golden Age of Television. Here's a list of 11 acting heavyweights who made the jump from the big screen to the small one.
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These outlandish TV characters are actually based on real people

They have graced the small screen in scandalous, horrific, or hilarious series, but did you know that these characters from some of your favorite series are actually based on real people?
Lethal Weapon

The best movie and TV bromances, from Kirk and Spock to Wayne and Garth

It's not a romance, but it's more than just a friendship: Bromances are special relationships between two men that stand the test of time, and make for great television and movies. From Kirk and Spock to Riggs and Murtaugh, here are some of the most memorable bromances from the big and small screen.
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Don’t double-cross them: The most fearsome female villains on TV

Female villains are becoming more and more common on our favorite TV shows. From cold and calculating to manipulative and murderous, female villains are every bit as frightening as their male counterparts. These are some of the most terrifying female villains currently on the small screen.
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The show cost how much?! The priciest original series on Netflix

Netflix has spent big bucks on original series, which might be part of the reason why its subscription pricing is going up. From Orange is the New Black and House of Cards to The Crown and Jessica Jones, here's a look at some of the priciest series from the streaming service.
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10 fictional products from movies and TV that fans willed into existence

You might be surprised to find out that products like Cheesy Poofs and Sex Panther Cologne did not exist when the TV series and movies they were featured in first debuted. But they became so popular that they were actually made. Our list also includes Stay Puft Marshmallows from Ghostbusters and more.
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Box-office bosses: The highest-grossing movies of all time for each month

Every month sees a slew of movies released, but these films are respective juggernauts in their monthly time slots. Some are likely to be beaten soon while others may last for years to come, but all of them are massively successful. Here are the biggest movies of all time for every month.
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The worst movie sequels of all time

A sequel that doesn't compare to the original film isn't worth making, right? Unfortunately, this is Hollywood we're talking about. We've picked out 12 films which will go down as some of the worst follow-ups ever made. From Jaws 3-D to Blues Brothers 2000, get ready for some stinkers.
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One-hit wonders: 12 great TV shows that only lasted a single season

From Almost Human and Firefly to John Doe and Undeclared, even loyal fanbases, great storylines, high-caliber casts, and critical praise couldn't save these canceled television series that never made it past their first season.
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They’re alive! The best TV death fake-outs totally had us fooled

Here's a look at some of the best (or most annoying) TV series death fake-outs, where viewers were led to believe that a key character had died, only to find out they managed to survive. From The Walking Dead to Dallas, these apparent deaths had us thoroughly bamboozled.
Blu-Ray deals

Second time around: 13 movie sequels as good, or better, than the originals

Practice makes perfect, and sometimes the second (or third) installment of a movie franchise can be just as good - or better - than the original. Here are our favorite movie sequels that garnered critical acclaim, performed well at the box office, and measured up to their predecessors.
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Recast: 11 TV characters who were played by multiple actors

The casting change known as The Darrin Effect or The Darrin Syndrome involves recasting a popular television character with a different actor. Here are some of the biggest roles that have been played by multiple people for various reasons over the course of a show's run.
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You can watch Game of Thrones for free this Thanksgiving weekend

HBO is offering a free preview this weekend, which will allow non-subscribers to binge the entire series of Game of Thrones, as well as others, for free from Wednesday, November 21, 2018 through to Sunday, November 25, 2018. This is the perfect chance to play catch up before the final season commences in April 2019.  
Estelle Parsons – Roseanne

Memorable moms and dads: TV’s best parent guest stars

From quirky to cold, calculating, critical, and downright hilarious, television characters' parents often play a memorable role in our favorite shows -- even when it's just for an episode or two. Here are 15 of the best guest stars who appeared on some of our favorite TV series as the parents of lead characters.
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12 lavish TV apartments the show’s characters could never afford

Have you ever been watching TV and asked yourself "How could they afford that place?" If so, this post is for you. These 12 television shows feature apartments in some of the country's most popular cities that, in the real world, the series' characters would never have been able to afford.
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The most anticipated new TV series for 2018 and beyond

Mark your calendars and set your DVRs. Here's a look at some of the most anticipated new television series premiering later in 2018, at some point in 2019, and betond. They range from The Righteous Gemstones and George R.R. Martin's Nightflyers to The Twilight Zone and The Lord of the Rings.
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Fall 2018 TV: Here’s when your favorite shows are returning

Want to know when your favorite show is returning for a new season? Here are some of the best series coming back to television this fall, hailing from both network television and streaming services, as well as when you can expect to see them again and what the new season might entail.
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2018 Emmy Awards winners: The night of ‘Mrs. Maisel’ and diversity

The 2018 Emmy Awards, hosted by Colin Jost and Michael Che, was full of surprises for both its nominees and the audiences, along with some laughs and drama, just like the shows it honored. Here's a full list of the nominees and winners for each major Emmy awards category.
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‘The Big Bang Theory’ is ending, but we’ll never forget these 15 guest appearances

The Big Bang Theory will be ending after its upcoming 12th season, and from Adam West to Mark Hamill, we look back at some of the most memorable, geekiest, and funniest guest stars who have appeared in episodes throughout the last 11 seasons.

Class is in session! Here are the best TV series about school life

Television has a long history of shows that explore the school experience through various generations and settings. Here are some of the best series from the last four decades of TV to tackle the trials and tribulations of student life, from elementary school all the way to college.
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15 films that flopped in the U.S. but made big bank overseas

A Hollywood film doesn't necessarily have to perform well in the United States in order to be considered a success anymore. Thanks to serious cash flowing in from China and other countries, it's a whole new ballgame. These 15 domestic flops were all saved by huge earnings overseas.
2015 primetime emmy ratings awards

Here are our predictions for the 2018 Emmy Awards

Will it be Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, The Crown, or The Handmaid's Tale? Here's a look at all of the nominees in the top categories for the 70th annual Emmy Awards, as well as our bold predictions for which actors and series will take home the golden statue in each.
Jack Pearson, This is Us

The best TV dads

From the dedicated, to the protective, the sensitive to the silly, these are the best dad characters appearing on your favorite TV series today. These dads have it all, and what they don't know already, they're willing to learn -- often with plenty of hilarity along the way.

‘Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown’ won’t be leaving Netflix just yet

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown was scheduled to be leaving Netflix as of June 16, but, in the wake of Bourdain's recent death, the streaming service has confirmed that it has extended its license, and Netflix now says that it plans to continue offering the series for "months to come."
Two and a Half Men

12 hit TV shows that survived their stars bailing out

While it might seem like a show is doomed once its lead stars exit (will Roseanne and The Walking Dead keep going?) there are several series that continued on, some for several seasons, after key characters (in some cases multiple ones), made their exit.
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‘The Walking Dead’ season 9 will say goodbye to another main character

Just a week after rumors suggested that Andrew Lincoln would only appear in a half of the next season of The Walking Dead, it has been confirmed that Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie, will also only appear in the first six episodes of season nine.