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Alex, Paul, and Maggie Murdaugh with Morgan Doughty in an old photo used in the Netflix docuseries Murdaugh Murders.

5 shocking revelations from Netflix’s Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal

With the trial of Alex Murdaugh well underway, the Netflix true crime docuseries Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal brings to light shocking revelations.
The main characters in the house looking forward in Apple TV+'s The Afterparty.

5 TV shows to watch if you liked Poker Face

If you like Poker Face and you're looking forward to the second season, here are some similar shows worth watching to tide you over.
Ted Lasso standing face to face with Nathan in a first look image from Ted Lasso season 3 on Apple TV+.

7 TV shows coming in March 2023 you need to watch

Curl up with one of these new and returning shows in March 2023, some of which you can binge and others that you'll have to wait and watch week to week.
Viola Davis leads a group of female warriors in the movie The Woman King.

8 great movies by women directors you need to watch

In honor of Women's History Month, here are 8 great movies, like Nomadland, The Woman King, and Women Talking, made by women directors that are worth watching.
you season 4 part 1 joe goldberg worst enemy himself trunk

In You’s season 4, Joe Goldberg finally meets his match: himself

In the latest season of the hit Netflix show You, everyone's favorite serial killer, Joe Goldberg, finally meets the one person who can take him down: himself.
The characters from season 4 of You standing at a bar, all looking at something or someone out of view.

The best new characters in You season 4, ranked

We rank the best new characters that are introduced in part one of season four of the hit Netflix show You, starring Penn Badgley.
An older woman with a headscarf looks up, looking distraught in a scene from Flight/Risk on Amazon Prime.

The best documentaries on Amazon Prime Video right now

Educate, inform, and engage in thought-provoking conversations with others after checking out some of the best documentaries on Amazon Prime.
you season 4 part 1 ending explained new characters

You season 4, part 1’s ending explained

We explain the ending to You season 4, part 1 and reveal the mysterious killer who is stalking a seemingly reformed Joe Goldberg.
The friends from How I Met Your Father sitting together and laughing at the bar.

7 most likable characters on How I Met Your Father, ranked

These characters from How I Met Your Father might be deeply flawed, even sometimes annoying, but there's something endearing about them.
Dexter and his son Harrison standing out in the snow by caution tape in a scene from Dexter: New Blood.

5 things we want to see in a Dexter prequel

Dexter: New Blood won't be returning for a second season, but an idea for a Dexter prequel could be in the works, and the concept has intrigued fans.
Joe looks out of a window in You season 4.

5 TV shows coming in February you need to watch

February means winter is almost over, and it's the perfect time to watch one of these new (Hello Tomorrow!) and returning (Star Trek: Picard) shows.
Sean Astin in a football uniform being hoisted in the air by others in a scene from the movie Rudy.

Best movies to watch on a Delta flight

Delta Studio on Delta Airlines offers close to 300 movies to watch during your flight, from classics to new films, and these are among the best.
The cast of kids from That '90s Show posing around the basement couch.

The most likable characters on That ’90s Show, ranked

That '90s Show has an entirely new cast of characters, a few related to the originals on That '70s Show, and some have already emerged as favorites.
ChatGPT intro page.

I tried ChatGPT to search for TV and movie info, and here’s what I found

ChatGPT is making waves as a chatbot that can answer queries in conversational form, so I put it to the test for searches related to movies and TV.
A first look image from Servant season 3 on Apple TV+ of Leanne holding hands with others out of view, surrounded by candles.

6 things you need to know before Servant season 4

Servant is gearing up for its fourth and final season on Apple TV+, but before tuning in, here's a refresher of the important things that happened in season 3.
Emily, Sylvie, Nicholas, Julienne, and Luc sitting at a table outside, all looking shocked in a scene from Emily in Paris.

Emily in Paris season 3 ending explained

Emily in Paris' third season brought more drama, awkward love triangles, career changes, and fabulous outfits, along with another cliffhanger ending.
Harry and Meghan in the Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan.

The 8 most shocking revelations from the Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan

The Harry & Meghan Netflix docuseries wasn't an explosive tell-all like some had expected, but there were some interesting and shocking revelations.
Zeke from Manifest looking sad, Cal in a hospital bed behind him.

Manifest season 4, part 1 ending explained

Manifest season 3 ended on a cliffhanger, but Netflix brought the show back for a fourth and final season, and we recap pivotal moments in part 1.
The final dinner table scene from The Sopranos.

The 10 most shocking season finales ever on TV

Some of the most shocking TV show season finales were series finales as well, but some jaw-dropping ones left fans hanging until the next season.
Rick standing outside wearing a CRM jacket in The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead series finale ending explained: We are the ones who live

After 11 seasons, The Walking Dead finally came to an end, and many stories wrapped up while new ones prepare to commence via spinoffs.
Jeffrey Dahmer sitting with his father in a scene from Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.

Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story wrongfully humanizes a serial killer

Netflix's Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer story has great performances by Evan Peters and Niecy Nash, but does it wrongly humanize a notorious serial killer?
Alpha/Dee and Lydia covered in blood in a scene from Tales of the Walking Dead.

Tales of the Walking Dead is a refreshing take for the zombie franchise

Tales of the Walking Dead is a refreshing take on an overplayed trope, offering interesting stories that cross multiple genres through each episode.
Connie Britton in The White Lotus on HBO Max.

2022 Emmy winners: who took home the big awards?

The Primetime Emmy Awards have wrapped up, and the biggest awards went out to some of the hottest shows, which a few predicted wins and some upsets.
Kendall and Logan Roy walking down a hallway, team members behind them in the show Succession.

Succession and Ted Lasso dominate the 2022 Emmy nominations

The Emmy nominations are in, and there are expected nominees, like Succession and Ted Lasso, plus some surprising new entries, like Abbott Elementary.
Mark going up the elevator at Lumon in Severance on Apple TV+.

Severance had the best season finale I have seen in years

Apple TV+ has had some great its originals, including Severance, which had one of the best season finales I have seen in a long time.
Wendy with a cut on her forehead staring into space in a scene from Ozark.

Wendy Byrde was the real villain in Ozark, and here’s why

While Ozark saw its share of villains, from drug cartel leaders to the unhinged Darlene, arguably the biggest villain of them all was Wendy Byrde.
Natasha Lyonne as Nadya in Russian Doll, her face pressed against a subway door.

The best time-loop movies and TV episodes

The idea of the time loop has been explored again and again (pun intended) in both movies and on TV, and these are among the best interpretations.
Nathan sitting by himself in his room at Lakeview in the Amazon Prime series Upload.

Upload depicts economic inequality in the digital afterlife

The digital afterlife has been explored in many TV shows, but none in such a clever, satirical, and cynical way as in Amazon Prime Video's Upload.
Will Smith slaps Chris Rock at the Oscars.

Will Smith’s slap, Beyoncé’s song, & more 2022 Oscar moments

The 94th annual Academy Awards were filled with surprises in terms of both winners and memorable moments like Will Smith slapping Chris Rock.
Ariana DeBose, Troy Kotsur, and Jessica Chastain pose with their Oscar trophies at the 2022 Oscars.

Oscars winners 2022: Who took home the major awards?

The 94th Academy Awards aired Sunday, March 27, celebrating the best in cinema. Who took home the biggest awards? Here is the list.
Gloria Allred participating in a protest in a scene from Seeing Allred on Netflix.

The best movies to stream for Women’s History Month

Celebrate Women's History Month by watching a movie that highlights inspiring, influential, confident, and game-changing women throughout history.
Midge and Susie sharing a drink at the bar in a scene from Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

The best shows to stream for Women’s History Month

Looking for a good TV series to binge-watch throughout Women's History Month that celebrates powerful, confident, and influential women? Look no further.
Carol and Daryl walking together on The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead: All 10 seasons, ranked

The Walking Dead is poised to end after its 11th and final season, making it the perfect time to take a walk down memory lane at the previous 10 seasons.
The main characters in the house looking forward in Apple TV+'s The Afterparty.

How The Afterparty tackles multiple film genres in a fun way

Apple TV+ series The Afterparty tackles multiple genres through its eight episodes, blending comedy with everything from action to animation