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Latest by Molly McHugh

Samsung considering Galaxy Tab 10.1 overhaul after seeing iPad 2

Google wants to fix its Android fragmentation problem

Burma joins the Facebook Revolutions

Some Samsung Galaxy S IIs will have Tegra 2 processors

Google Profiles get a social makeover

Android Developers Union wants to take on Google

Movin’ on up: The winners of Google’s algorithm adjustment

bing launches groupon competitor with deals thumb

Bing launches Groupon competitor with Bing Deals

One in five drivers use the Internet behind the wheel

Sony opens PlayStation Move for ‘prestigious researchers and professionals’

Apple cuts original iPad price

apple ipad 2 whats missing thumb

Apple iPad 2: What’s missing?

Mahalo cuts staff, Google algorithm alteration to blame?

Smart Covers flexibly and minimally protect the iPad 2

Alleged iPad 2 images leak

Internet and WikiLeaks up for Nobel Peace Prize

Verizon will pull unlimited iPhone data plans

Rumor: Steve Jobs might be at iPad 2 announcement

New Jersey congressman beats IBM’s Watson

selective censorship how to prepare your facebook for college admissions carousel fb

Selective censorship: How to prepare your Facebook for college admissions

tobii shows off eye controlled lenovo laptop prototype 1

Tobii shows off eye-controlled Lenovo laptop

Penthouse will launch the world’s first 3D porn channel

Facebook still wants to give developers your address and phone number

Rogue Android app will run up your bill

Day one and Nintendo 3DS already subject to hackers

Julian Assange applies to trademark his name

Nokia N950 to be the sole 2011 MeeGo device


Motorola sues TiVo over DVR technology

SoftKinetic beats Microsoft to the punch, releases Kinect SDK first

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook translates privacy policy for non-legal experts

Consumer Reports: Verizon iPhone is subject to death grip

facebook pipes burst again spew private e mail addresses logo

Bing’s Facebook integration to expand


Google navigation addition is not Google +1

China blocks, then restores, LinkedIn in after pro-democracy posts