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Motorola Droid X2 photos and competing specs surface

Dell Streak publicity stunt ends in company arrests

Verizon iPhone sales fall short of expectations

Google predicts Oscar winners with search data

Rhapsody won’t bend to Apple’s new iTunes policy

Is Microsoft killing off the Zune?

The Great Gatsby gets the Nintendo treatment

Verizon handling iPhone traffic well, so far

Symantec releases new report on Stuxnet, warns energy sector to beware

Twitter CEO says it won’t be acquired by Google, avoids talking about Facebook

Will Apple release three versions of the iPhone 5?

apple supplier responsibility report addresses foxconn suicides underage workers 2011

Apple supplier responsibility report addresses Foxconn suicides, underage workers

Sprint: Natural selection will be cruel to tablet makers

Apple is Samsung’s biggest fan, will spend more than $7 billion on parts this year


Anonymous releases 71,800 HBGary e-mails through new site

AT&T offers users 1,000 free rollover minutes

Springpad gets social: What’s next for Evernote’s biggest competitor

BlackBerry Playbook

RIM adding 4G LTE, HSPA+ capability to BlackBerry PlayBook

Foursquare adds five new languages, talks expansion

Samsung officially unveils the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy S II

reinventing yahoo four ways to save the former king of search thumb

Reinventing Yahoo: Four ways to save the former king of search

Lego meets the Sony NEX-5

China will convert phone booths into Wi-Fi hotspots

Rumor: Samsung will unveil 10-inch tablet with Honeycomb February 13

pandora ipo

Pandora files for IPO

Is Sony threatening to pull its music content from iTunes?

Rumor: Apple working on smaller, more affordable iPhones

Insiders say RIM will enable Android apps on the PlayBook

New fiber optic cable will pour data into Internet-starved Cuba


US fuel companies targeted by China’s ‘Night Dragon’ cyberattacks

Will Sony open up the PlayStation Move to hackers?

Rumor: PlayBook to sell for $499.99, arrive late April

INQ shows off Facebook-optimized Cloud Touch on video; UPDATE: Specs detailed


Baby boomers buy e-readers, teens tout iPods: Pew survey reveals gadget demographics