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Study says Internet makes youth more engaged citizens

ubisoft we dare game brings awkward eighth grade parties to the console thumb

Ubisoft ‘We Dare’ game brings awkward eighth-grade parties to the console

Oxford Dictionaries admit ‘bloggable’ and other tech terms

Anonymous seizes Westboro Baptist’s domain during live TV confrontation

secondmarket logo

SEC investigating sales of Twitter, Facebook stock for conflicts of interest

AOL boots chief of content in midst of Huffington Post acquisition


Google introduces Google Apps certification

Want a state job in Maryland? Hand over your Facebook password

Apple shareholders vote down CEO succession plan

Panguso search, Baidu monopoly investigation leave Chinese Internet at crossroads

Sony S2 dual-screen clamshell tablet rumored for 2011

Best of Quora: Social media insiders spilling secrets

Russian official says Google ‘manipulated’ Egyptians

PlayStation hackers can unblock themselves

Rumors pin iPad 2 announcement on March 2

Apple wants to improve iTunes file quality

Cupertino clockwork: iPhone 5 and iPad 2 will be on time, after all

Steve Jobs directly responds to new Apple publisher policies

Missing Obama-Jobs photo sparks new health concerns for Apple CEO

Disney Studio All Access offers video on demand

Rumor: Apple will launch MacBook Pro upgrade next week

Nokia tempts developers with free E7 and WP7 phones

Apple patents reveal better battery life, ‘smart bezel’ in the works

The Social Network epilogue: Where Facebook founders are now

House votes to block net neutrality bill

Rumor: Google will shell out $100 million to enlist celebrities on YouTube

facebook pipes burst again spew private e mail addresses logo

Facebook adds civil union and domestic partnership options

libya inspired by egyptian revolution uses social media in midst of protests libyan

Libya inspired by Egyptian revolution, uses social media in midst of protests

NTIA National Broadband Map reveals Internet deserts, oases in US

Google may debut new music service with Honeycomb

Leaked Dell road maps show next-gen smartphones, tablets on the horizon

Rumor: Sony developing a PlayStation tablet dubbed the S1

Advertising memo leaked: Twitter wants to bring in $100M off ads this year

Is HTC putting Honeycomb on its new flagship phone, the Revolver? [UPDATE: Revolver faked?]