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meerkat cameo feature take over live stream banner iphone 01a

New Cameo feature lets you take over Meerkat live streams

Meerkat's new Cameo feature allows users to take over live streams for up to 60 seconds.
google maps speed limits food ordering iphone ios shutterstock 215587159

X marks the spot: Google Maps for iOS adds location sharing for Facebook and Messenger

The latest Google Maps update for IOS allows users to share their location via Facebook and Messenger.
listen to your heart hands free tinder uses heartbeat find the perfect match apple watch 01

Listen to your heart: Hands Free Tinder uses your heartbeat to find the perfect match

Hands Free Tinder automatically swipes Tinder profiles based on your heartbeat.
an apple watch survives four laps in olympic pool and tracks its wearers workout as well swim app 02

An Apple Watch survives four laps in an Olympic pool, and tracks its wearer’s workout

The Apple watch might not be waterproof, but it can track your progress in an Olympic pool.
Apple Watch Sport

Analysts are cutting Apple Watch sales forecasts

After a rough product launch, Andy Hargreaves of Pacific Crest is cutting his Apple Watch sales forecast for 2015 and 2016.
sprint ceo responds to t mobile john legere marcelo claure

Sprint CEO spews profanity at T-Mobile’s John Legere for criticizing the new All-In plan

After T-Mobile CEO John Legere attacked Sprint's new All-In plan, Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure fired back on Twitter.
Dell Venue 10 7000 Series

Dell Venue 10 7000 Series review

snapdragon 810 coming to sony moto oppo lumia phones microsoft feature

Microsoft Lumia 1030 Rumors: Leaked front panel gives new hope of its existence

Microsoft is said to be working on the Lumia 1030, which would be the follow up to Nokia Lumia 1020 from 2013.
say hello to the iphone 6s leaked images of metal frame reveal no changes chassis 01 crop

Say hello to the iPhone 6S, leaked images of metal frame reveal no changes

The iPhone 6S is expected to launch this September. Leaked images of its metal chassis confirm that the 6S won't look too different.
matti makkonen sms texting inventor dies 01

Matti Makkonen, the man behind SMS texting, dies at the age of 63

Finnish tech pioneer and reluctant father of SMS messaging dies at the age 63.
google maps grade level railroad crossings crossing shutterstock 81223753

Newest Google Maps addition: Every grade-level railroad crossing in the U.S.

The Federal Railroad Agency has partnered with Google to bring all U.S. grade-level railroad crossings to Google Maps.
amazon free android apps july 1 2015 kindle fire hd front horizional

Ready, set, download! Amazon puts $50 worth of Android apps and games up for sale

Amazon's offering $50 of Android apps and games for free until July 1.
non latex condom fights hiv with antioxidant hydrogel condoms colors shutterstock 246516376

Teenage boys have finally figured out how to practice safe sex

The S.T.EYE. condom will change colors when in contact with sexually transmitted infections
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge induction dock

It might finally be time to use wireless charging: Qi adopts fast charging capabilities

The Wireless Power Consortium updated the specifications of Qi wireless chargers to enable 15 watts of power to mobile phones.
Samsung Galaxy S6

‘Respectable’ isn’t good enough for Samsung, as Galaxy S6 sales estimates hit 45 million

The Galaxy S6 was expected to be Samsung's best-selling smartphone, but not according to recent estimates.
spotify premium users pay through site not itunes event 5 19 2

Cord cutting music streaming fans don’t like gospel, or easy listening music

Cord cutters music listening habits released by Spotify and Experian Marketing Services
Facebook Smart Phone App

European regulators block Facebook’s Moments app due to privacy concerns

Facebook's Moments app isn't available in Europe due to facial recognition concerns.
Samsung Galaxy J7

Samsung’s Galaxy J5 and J7 sport a front-facing LED flash and a 5-megapixel selfie cam

Samsung announced the Galaxy J5 and Galaxy J7 for China. Both phone feature front-facing LED flash.
youtube videos 2015 popular on a tablet

YouTube breaks the news with Newswire, a channel for verified eyewitness videos

YouTube and Storyful announced Newswire, a channel for watching verified and newsworthy eyewitness videos from around the world.
att money laundering fine dea at amp t

And the largest fine in FCC history goes to … AT&T for throttling data speeds

The FCC plans on fining AT&T $100 million for throttling data speeds and not properly informing customers.
Twitter may eliminate its 140-character limit on direct messages

Twitter will now autoplay videos in your timeline by default

Twitter's latest update will now autoplay videos in user's timelines on iOS and the Web. The update will hit Android soon.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Camera

Samsung pledges to fix keyboard security vulnerability within days

Samsung smartphones are vulnerable to hackers, thanks to a pre-installed keyboard. There's a software fix for the issue, but many have yet to get the patch.
amazon ear unlock patent news phone to

Show me your ears: Amazon’s next phone may verify your identity by your ear shape

Amazon plans on using your ears to unlock and personalize your smartphone. The patent was filed recently, but it may not ever make it into a device.
not content on just saving lives google promises to improve urban life with sidewalk labs larry page

Google promises to improve urban life with Sidewalk Labs

Google announced a new company called Sidewalk Labs to develop technologies and partnerships in order to improve city life,
dual lens cameras takeoff 2017 iphone camera concept 02

Apple and Samsung will break boundaries with new dual-camera tech for smartphones

Apple and Samsung hope that dual-camera tech will provide DSLR-like quality to smartphone cameras.
google antitrust potential record fine samsung galaxy s6 edge search 01

Google rolled out a secret search upgrade that makes it a helluva lot more useful

Google's new location-aware search lets users find out about landmarks and buildings without knowing their names.
Apple Music Android

Why Android fans should get pumped for Apple Music

Apple's announcement of Apple Music launching on Android is a huge step in embracing the platform
HTC Vive

Drones and virtual reality the latest tools in Dallas Cowboys’ arsenal

The Dallas Cowboys will use drones to film 360-degree video of their practices to better analyze player performance in their quest for a Super Bowl.
tech companies encryption letter obama sony hack

Major tech firms urge President Obama to keep his mitts off encryption

Tech companies come together in a letter to President Obama urging him to leave encryption alone.
fake whatsapp

Messaging apps like WhatsApp grow more popular every day, but revenue is shrinking

Messaging traffic is set to double by 2019, but revenues will decline by $600 million
Mobile payments

There are no transaction fees for Android Pay, which is good for us, bad for Google

The lack of transaction fees will likely to make Android Pay more favorable to banks over Apple Pay.
apple news app feature

Apple’s News app takes on Flipboard with gorgeous layout and fresh content

Apple's to replace Newsstand with curated news app called Apple News
google play all access arcade fire playlist

Look out Netflix and Amazon: Google Play Movies & TV All Access may launch soon

A recent Google Opinions Survey question hints at an upcoming movie streaming service from Google.
google has a secret feature for android m built in themes engine samsung galaxy s6 theme store

Google has a secret feature for Android M: A built-in themes engine

The Andorid M developer preview is using Sony's Runtime Resource Engine to provide a themes engine.