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27 million people play League of Legends each day

Titanfall beta may be coming on February 14

closer look tomb raider definitive edition trde launch trailer thumbnail

A closer look at Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition

DreamWorks’ live-action Ghost in the Shell finds a director

Sony Online Entertainment plans to shut down four MMOs in 2014

Felicia Day and Freddie Wong to host the live streaming DICE 2014 Awards

Microsoft and EA’s payment to YouTubers may be unethical, but not illegal

Marvel’s Ant-Man claims Man of Steel 2’s original release date

microsoft xbox one review macro logo

Microsoft releases Xbox One sales numbers, and they are very good

Microsoft has released its Fiscal Year 2014 Q2 results. The results include the exact numbers of Xbox One consoles sold, and show $24.52 billion in revenue.

Gal Gadot signed for three movies as Wonder Woman

‘Star Citizen’ destroys all crowdfunding records, hits $37 million

The Candy Crush Conspiracy continues as developer King targets The Banner Saga

World of Tanks claims 1.1 million concurrent users – in Russia alone

dc using tv properties fill ranks justice league arrow featured

Could DC be using its TV properties to fill out the ranks of the Justice League movie?

ea accused paying youtubers highlight games without telling public logo

EA accused of secretly paying YouTubers for coverage

The Fantastic Four reboot moves ahead, casting to begin this month

ps4 global launch complete 6 million units sold whats next sony press conference

Sony releases patch to fix corrupted PlayStation 4 game data, but issues remain

League of Legends earns $600m in 2013, still comes in second in online revenue

call of duty ghosts review cod mem 4

The Call of Duty: Ghost MLG Winter Invitational begins

the 25 most anticipated games of 2013 star wars 1313

A lapsed trademark signals the end of Star Wars 1313

Batman vs Superman delayed until 2016

xbox one console

Xbox One outsells the PS4 in December in the U.S.

hbo go coming ps3 ps4 game of thrones

HBO Go coming to PS3 and PS4

Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit ss 02

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit review

madden 25 nfl week 20 conference championships campionships

And Madden’s picks for the Super Bowl are…

new to gta online this handy guide will teach you how be a successful sociopath 5

Rockstar targets cheaters in GTA Online

complete list 2014 oscar nominees academy awards statues

The 2014 Oscar nominees are…

Twitch becomes the world’s largest video game site, thanks to insane growth

Steam Controller adds a D-pad

Steam hits 75 million users

Min-Liang Tan Razer CEO

Razer’s CEO spills all on the promise (and perils) of Project Christine

Worthington and Saldana inked for Avatar sequels, and they’ll bring CGI kids with them

marvel casts second villain avengers age ultron the movie 2 1

Marvel casts second villain for Avengers: Age of Ultron

johnny depp talks marvels doctor strange dr is coming from marvel

Johnny Depp in talks for Marvel’s Doctor Strange