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Google Fiber hopes Webpass acquisition will bolster its high-speed internet plans

Google Fiber has agreed to acquire Webpass to boost its deployment of high-speed internet across the U.S. Google recently also unveiled plans to test beaming high-speed internet wirelessly into people's homes.

Pantech is back from the brink with the quirky IM-100 smartphone

Korean phone manufacturer Pantech announced the IM-100, the once-embattled company's first Android phone in 20 months. It will only be available in Pantech's home country of South Korea.
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OnePlus 3 Review

Why spend more when the OnePlus 3 challenges phones twice its price?
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Dropbox rolls out document scanning, new sharing features, and more to its apps

Dropbox is rolling out a bevy of new features to its apps on iOS and desktop, including document scanning, new sharing tools, shortcuts to documents, annotation options, and more.

KFC adds some juice to its meals: Watt a Box charges phone while you feast

Would you like a power bank with your meal? That's what KFC's offering with Watt a Box, a meal box with a 6,100mAh power bank for charging your phone. You also get a micro-USB and a Lightning cable.
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Barclays launches a new NFC payments app for UK customers

Barclays Bank has launched a contactless payment app for customers in the U.K. It's available through the Play Store, and supports payments at more than 400,000 locations and London's public transit system.

25 annoying Samsung Galaxy S6 problems, and how to fix them

Have you been having problems with your Galaxy S6? It may look close to perfect, but no smartphone is completely free of flaws. Fear not, we've got some workarounds and possible solutions to help you fix your new-fangled smartphone.
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Facebook pressures users to set Messenger as the default texting app with confusing prompt

Facebook users were misled by a Messenger pop-up prompt that asked users to set the app as their default SMS texting app. Users on Twitter were quick to respond with heavy criticism.

OnePlus 3 vs OnePlus 2: Can the new phone kill the flagship killer?

OnePlus has finally unveiled its latest flagship, the OnePlus 3, but how does it stack up against the OnePlus 2? Check out our spec comparison for a closer look at the hardware and software powering both OnePlus devices.

Samsung’s $350 Gear 360 VR camera finally hits the States, but there’s a catch

Samsung's bringing its $350 Gear 360 camera to the US, but there's a catch: orders are limited to attendees of VidCon in Anaheim, California. It's also revamping its Milk VR application.

Asus doesn't need to announce the ZenPad 9.7 — the FCC did it already

FCC documents unveiled the unannounced Asus ZenPad 9.7, which might be the company's return to the large Android tablet form factor. Seeing how Asus has yet to announce it, we do not know the ZenPad 9.7's price or availability.

No more flashy features, no more price wars: From now on, Samsung is all about profits

Samsung will reportedly adopt a new business strategy that will streamline the company's mobile portfolio, maximize profits, and minimize the number of flashy features its phones have.