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McDonald's looks to 'Step-it' up on fitness with activity trackers in Happy Meals

McDonald's, the world's largest fast-food chain, is attempting to chip away at its unhealthy image by packing a pedometer -- the Step-it -- in Happy Meals. It's a limited-time promotion geared to coincide with the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

Spending some facetime with Duo, Google's ultra-simple new video chat app

Google finally debuted Duo, a long-awaited cross-platform video messenger for Android and iOS. Just how does it compare to the myriad of other chat apps on the market? We run it through its paces to find out.

You can try out Android Nougat early on your LG G5 — if you live in South Korea

LG has announced a new program that will allow as many as 2,000 G5 owners to test out the new Android 7.0 Nougat operating system before everyone else. Android Nougat brings a number of new features, such as improved notifications.

Leak indicates Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro will be released in India early next month

It looks like there will soon be an affordable alternative to the Galaxy Note 7 in India in the next few weeks -- the Galaxy A9 Pro is tipped for an early September launch with a price of only 35,000 rupees (about $324).

Should you upgrade? Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs. Galaxy Note 5 vs. Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 is nearly upon us, but before you opt for the larger-than-life phone, take a look at how it compares with its predecessors. We put the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and the Note 5 up against the new Note 7.
Product Review

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Review

Samsung's stacked Galaxy Note 7 does things you didn't know a phone could do.

Rugged is an understatement with Kyocera’s three-camera DuraForce Pro

Kyocera is releasing a successor to the DuraForce XD. The DuraForce Pro has a normal front and rear camera, but it also a Super Wide View Full HD action cam. It brings new meaning to the word "rugged."

Duo: Google wants its new video-calling app to be a FaceTime killer

Is there really room for yet another video-calling app? Google certainly hopes so, because it's just launched Duo, a super-simple FaceTime-like offering for Android and iOS.

Report: Sony phones crash least often, Nexus phones are updated fastest

According to a recent report from Apteligent, Google Nexus devices have the best overall user experience when it comes to Android phones. In second place is Motorola, though some suggest this could change under Lenovo's guidance.

Next version of Google Glass could be powered by AA batteries, patent shows

According to Google's latest patent, the next version of Glass could have a number of significant changes, such as a touchpad for easier control and the ability to power the device with AA or AAA batteries.

Leak suggests LG V20 will go on pre-order September 14, cost $650

The LG V10 was a welcome surprise last year, and LG might be looking to spruce up its mobile division with the launch of the V20 before the end of September. Here's what we think we know about it.

Microsoft launches a single two-factor authentication app for mobile platforms

Microsoft has launched a new two-factor app for "major mobile platforms," Microsoft Authenticator, which unifies its previous crop of disparate apps.