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Best iPod Touch games

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minecraft icon ipod touch game app storeMinecraft – Pocket Edition ($7)

This indie smash-hit is all about creation and exploration. The Pocket Edition is a scaled back version of the original, but recent updates have added crafting and we expect the improvements will keep on coming. It’s something like playing with digital Legos; in fact, there is a Lego Minecraft set. It takes some getting into, but be warned: once you’re hooked it will consume days and weeks and months of your life.minecraft screenshot ipod touch game app store

the last express icon ipod touch gameThe Last Express ($5)

All aboard the Orient Express for a mysterious adventure that will put your detective skills to the test. The game is packed with characters and you’ll need to interact with them and search carefully to uncover clues. It’s not linear either. Your actions will impact on their behavior to make each play through slightly differently. The game is set in 1914 and the beautifully realized cartoon style is well crafted. This was a cult PC classic, first released in 1997, and the iOS port has been well handled.

the last express screenshot ipod touch game

carmageddon icon ipod touch gameCarmageddon ($2)

If you missed Carmageddon first time around then you need to check this out, if you remember the original then you’re in for a blood-soaked nostalgic treat. The basic idea is to run over as many pedestrians as you can in a violent battle with other deranged drivers. It’s anarchic fun, packed with power-ups, different environments, loads of cars, and an addictive career mode. There’s plenty of content on offer here and every game has a few laugh out loud moments.

carmageddon ipod touch game app store Asphalt-6-iconAsphalt 6: Adrenaline ($0.99)

Gorgeous graphics, solid controls and over 42 cars and bikes to choose from including Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Ducati fill this racing game’s garage. Tune your cars, challenge your friends, and race across the globe – from L.A. to Tokyo in this fun iOS racer.

Asphalt-6-screenshot Cut The Rope (0.99)

Cut the Rope may have missed an “e” at the end of the first word in the title, because this game defines “cute.” A mysterious package winds up on your doorstep and an adorable little green creature pops out with one demand: to be fed candy. To feed him, you’ll have to solve elaborate, physics based levels that will keep you guessing on the best route from point A to point M (for “mouth”). Having a pet is a hefty responsibility but Om Nom–the “monster” in Cut the Rope–is pretty easy to handle. Just get the poor guy some candy.

cut the rope screenshots ipod touch iphone ios game app

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