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Drop the top and roll into summer in style with the 10 best convertibles

If you like having a sunroof, you’ll love driving a convertible. It’s true that the segment has experienced a sharp decline in recent years, but there’s still a car to fit every need and budget, regardless of whether you’re looking to experience the wind in your hair on a budget, at neck-snapping speeds, or in a cosseting cabin.

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There are other factors to take into account when shopping for a new convertible. Notably, some models offer a conventional cloth soft top, while others are equipped with a more complex folding hard top. The advantages of a soft top are that it’s lighter and it generally takes up less cargo space. However, a folding hard top reduces noise levels in the cabin when it’s up and makes a convertible less prone to theft.

Ready to go topless? We’ve hand-picked the ten best convertibles on the new car market today.