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Ride in the sky: Airbus says it will test airborne taxis as early as 2017

Airbus has turned to its innovation branch, A3, to lead the Vahana project, an effort to develop autonomous flying vehicles that could shuttle passengers and cargo from point A to B for around the cost of a taxi ride.

Samsung launched 6 devices today, including the Galaxy Note 7

If you thought today was just the launch of the Galaxy Note 7, you thought wrong. Samsung is launching five other devices as well, including the Gear 360, Gear VR, Connect Auto, Level Active, and IconX.

Watch Rimac’s 1,088 HP Concept One EV smoke a Tesla and LaFerrari

Watch a Rimac Concept One electric supercar smoke a Ferrari LaFerrari and Tesla Model S in drag races. The Croatina Rimac boasts 1,088 horsepower, and puts it to good use in these races.

Sharing the road: Volvo and Uber will jointly develop self-driving cars

Volvo and Uber will work together to continue development of autonomous cars, using a common "base vehicle" manufactured by Volvo. Both companies already have significant autonomous-car research projects underway.

The Chevy Bolt will have a host of LG components wrapped inside it

GM designed the all-electric Chevy Bolt in its South Korean design studio. Most of the EV-defining parts and systems are made by LG. In anticipation of GM going to full production in October, LG is gearing up to produce the components.

Lamborghini's Huracán could tear up the Le Mans track in 2018

Lamborghini could break into the World Endurance Championship (WEC) in time for the 2018 season. The storied Italian firm is allegedly in the early stages of developing a Huracán capable of winning grueling races like the 24 Hours of Le…

Why Dodge’s Hellcat engine has 707 horsepower (and why it nearly didn’t)

Dodge's vaunted Hellcat engine was never supposed to break the 700-horsepower mark. Bringing it to the market in its current form required hearing rumors of an upcoming muscle car, and a lot of determination.

From carmaker to storyteller: Ford’s VR app lets fans see innovations up close

Ford has announced a new virtual reality storytelling app that allows customers to see the company’s innovations up close. The app debuts on Thursday with a story about the Ford GT racecar.

Uber sues London transport agency over new written English test for drivers

Citing a new two-hour, written English test for new and renewing drivers, Uber has filed a lawsuit against the London transport agency. The new requirement is more than what's needed for British citizenship.