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Nick Waterhouse’s retro-infused records are blazing the trail for modern mono

Put on a Nick Waterhouse record and you might be transported back to 1964. But the 28-year-old musician released his latest record, Holly, in 2014, and did it quite intentionally using a long-neglected format: mono.


What it’s like to remaster The Beatles albums, and why its sound is ‘way beyond compare’

Mike Mettler interviews the engineers responsible for remastering mono albums by The Beatles in vinyl.


Fetishizing cassettes, the dignity of LPs, more from the mind of Robyn Hitchcock

From his days in The Soft Boys to his latest solo work, Robyn Hitchcock has seen it all. And he has a pretty good idea what's next: bioimplants, fetishizing dying formats, and a lot more great music.


Getting gory with the FX mastermind behind The Walking Dead

Greg Nicotero knows zombies. As the special effects designer for The Walking Dead, he’s the one responsible for making them look as gut-wrenchingly real as possible.


We learned how to control a Glass app with our mind (but it’s kind of traumatic)

A digital design agency in London has created an app that connects Google Glass to a brain-scanning headband, letting the wearer take a picture using only his mind. We tried it out.


‘How the hell did we do this?’ Moody Blues frontman Justin Hayward looks back

When Moody Blues frontman Justin Hayward isn’t preserving the band’s sound in the highest digital quality possible, he’s forging ahead with new techniques in his own solo recordings.


When tech offered no shortcuts, OK Go made magic happen the old-fashioned way

We talk to the lead singer, and lead director of OK Go about the band's latest video The Writing's on the Wall, and what it takes to make an entire video in one straight take.


Have you been to a Headphone Party? Why Quiet Events are making a lot of noise

Quiet Events holds silent disco parties in New York City. Just put your headphones on, select you DJ, and get your groove on.


After leaving Microsoft to go indie, Spry Fox isn’t sweating the Road Not Taken

The Road Not Taken and Triple Town developer on the importance of luck and kindness


How Brian Setzer wrings classic rockabilly sound from modern recording

Brian Setzer’s new album, Rockabilly Riot: All Original, sounds straight out of 1957. Here’s how he does it – from inspiration to recording.


What it’s like to tour one of Google’s hidden, strange Glass stores

Following Google Glass' release in the UK, the company opened up a showroom where you can go, try the smart specs, and buy them over the counter. It's a glimpse of how Google will sell Glass in the future, and we went along to see what it's like.


Master of improv: Steely Dan’s guitarist knows when to riff, when to reel it in

As lead guitarist for Steely Dan, Jon Herington has to find the delicate balance between channeling fan favorites note for note, and interpreting them in a fresh new way for modern audiences.


Ferrari’s 458 Spider is a masterpiece that belongs in your art collection

Ferrari’s 458 Spider is a masterpiece that belongs in your art collection. When it comes down to it, every car is built to take the driver and the occupants somewhere. Minivans are designed to take the family to and from school and soccer practice. 4x4s are…


Why Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers won’t back down on HD audio

As Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers prepare for the release of Hypnotic Eye, veteran producer and engineer Ryan Ulyate has been there every step of the way, capturing it all in high definition.