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With the next-gen Apex suit, running into a fire has never been smarter

Today’s first responders rely more on grit and experience than tech, but a new type of suit, codenamed Apex, could help deliver life-saving intel to these these brave men and women through wearable technology.


While hipsters relive the sound he pioneered, Gary Numan keeps forging forward

Remember the ‘80s? Gary Numan does, and he’s ready for something new. The electronic music pioneer talked with us about hi-res recording, the magic of the piano, and why he’s running alongside today’s electronic crowd – not in it.


You’re about to lose your wallet … to Apple Pay. Here’s what you need to know

Apple Pay could usher in the era of mobile payments and change the way we buy things. Here's how it works, the security behind it, where you can use it, and why the timing is perfect.


Fury paints a grisly portrait of warfare in blood and oil

Fury, a scrappy blockbuster from writer and director David Ayer, toes a careful line between explosion-fueled spectacle and character-supported hero journey.


Beneath the Nazi slaying, Wolfenstein: The New Order is a morality play

Wolfenstein: The New Order creative director Jens Matthies chats with Digital Trends about some of the underlying ideas and impulses that fueled Machine Games' creation of one of 2014's most energizing video games.


Blues maestro Joe Bonamassa: Hi-res is hype, digital is clinical, bleed is good

For a guy who’s only 37, Joe Bonamassa is undeniably old school. The celebrated blues artist told us why more resolution isn’t better, why sequencing the order of songs on an album is a lost art, and why bleeding is good.


For Turtle Rock studios, Evolve isn’t just a game, it’s a mantra

How the makers of Evolve survived publisher bankruptcy and their one creative ambitions to make one hit after another.


Digital? Nah. For Coves, the perfect sound is somewhere in a black drain pipe

Hot on the heels of their album Soft Friday, the psychedelic-garage heroes of Coves talk vinyl versus digital, creativity, and the benefits of reverb.


Intel Inside … everything? Here’s the glue that holds the Internet of Things together

Oren Michels isn't a preschool teacher, but his job is to make things play nice together. Specifically, your connected devices. And with Mashery, the company he co-founded, now owned by Intel, the era of the smart doorbell is right around the corner.


After pioneering synthpop with Depeche Mode, Vince Clarke just kept innovating

Vince Clarke was making synthpop before many of today’s electronic musicians were born. But with Erasure and his latest album The Violet Flame, he’s still pushing the sonic envelope.


For Marriott, the future of travel is a virtual-reality teleporter phone booth

As the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset gains momentum, one of the first applications isn't from the gaming or entertainment industry, but travel. Marriott is using the headset as part of a 4D travel experience. We talk to its creators about the project.


Manufacturing the future: How 3D printing went from pipe dream to your desktop

Long before companies like MakerBot made 3D printing as simple as a box that sits on your desk, dedicated pioneers were perfecting the technologies that made it possible in their garages.


The best thing Amazon did for its new show ‘Transparent’ was doing nothing at all

We speak with the minds behind Amazon's newest show, Transparent. Star Jeffrey Tambor and show creator Jill Soloway tell us what it's like to work with Amazon, and make a show for the digital age.

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Billy Corgan on his 107-track Smashing Pumpkins reissue, and what’s ahead

Digital Trends’ music columnist Mike Mettler speaks to Billy Corgan about his new 107-track reissue of the 1998 Smashing Pumpkins album Adore, and what’s ahead for the band.