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‘There are no rules.’ No -fi is too lo or hi for Cut Copy DJ Dan Whitford

In his latest work spanning 80 minutes and 19 tracks, Cut Copy DJ Dan Whitford explores everything from electro disco to tribal house music. And somehow, it all flows.


For Marco Polo creator John Fusco, Netflix offered a chance to trash the rules

John Fusco dreamed of making a TV series about Marco Polo for years, but being able to produce it for Netflix allowed the creator to cut loose and make the series by a different set of rules.

Movies & TV

Thrashing Swedish steel in the quest for a death-proof Volvo by 2020

Volvo has made one of the boldest promises in the automotive industry, that no one driving a new Volvo should be killed or seriously injured by the year 2020. Digital Trends went to Sweden to see how far it has come with the new XC90 and how far it has left to…


Portland is keeping it weird by keeping Uber out, so we took an illegal ride

Last night, I took an illegal Uber X trip. If we were caught, the driver could have been written a ticket with a minimum of $2250, and risked having his car impounded and spending a night in jail.


Tom DeLonge on Blink-182’s legacy and dreaming big with Angels & Airwaves

we sit down with Tom DeLonge (of Blink-182 fame) and speak about his new Angels & Airwaves album, The Dream Walker.


The Pixies’ David Lovering talks high-res, Doolittle, the death of a drumkit

In Part 2 of our interview with the Pixies, drummer David Lovering tells us about his smashed drum kit and Doolittle's 25th anniversary.


In case of catastrophe, listen to vinyl! And more from the Pixies’ Joey Santiago

DT’s Mike Mettler interviews Joey Santiago of The Pixies about Nirvana, MP3s, and Doolittle’s 25th anniversary.


How The Kinks’ Dave Davies changed the course of rock with a sliced speaker cone

When The Kinks’ guitarist Dave Davies sliced open a speaker cone with a razor blade in 1964, he literally set the tone of rock music for decades to come. And that sound lives on in his latest solo album, Rippin’ Up Time.


Yacht-inspired quattro: How Audi’s new design chief is passionately reshaping the brand

Audi’s new design chief discusses the Prologue concept, the future of Audi design, and the radical design possibilities afforded by alternative powertrain technology.


Nokia’s back with an Android tablet, and its free, single, and fabulous

The N1 Tablet marks Nokia's return to mobile hardware, just a short time after we thought it had left us forever. The Android-based, Z Launcher-equipped slate is great news for us today, and bodes very well for the future. Welcome back, Nokia.


For Hollywood hopefuls, tech like YouTube has been a blessing and a curse

The days of interns toiling away in the mail room have passed, and the days of Midwesterners toiling away on YouTube and waiting to be discovered are upon us. But wait: Is this actually easier?

Movies & TV

With YouBionic, the perfect prosthetic could be one you 3D print yourself

In the future, we may be able to download and 3D print extra hands (and – ulp! -- other body parts)

Cool Tech

Guitar wizard Adrian Belew on how his Flux app creates bite-size music for the Twitter era

DT’s Mike Mettler sits down with guitar wiz Adrian Belew on his new app, Flux, and how he hopes to change music for the Twitter era.


Interview: How an elite team of hardcore gamers helped shape Halo 5 Guardians

Halo 5 Guardians developer 343 Industries has an internal “Avengers”-style team of pro players who are tasked with breaking and exploiting every inch of the game.


Road Rave: Why ‘Free Piston’ engines could power your next plug-in hybrid

The next major advancement in automotive technology may not be electric or hydrogen, but instead a new type of internal combustion. ‘Free piston’ engines, as they’re referred to, offer dramatically improved efficiency using pistons that float on air.