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The best refrigerator you can buy

Keep cool (and organize your condiments) with the best refrigerators

What goes on inside your fridge might be a mystery to you — and we don’t just mean that container of ominous goop that’s been in there since who knows when. As long as your meat isn’t spoiling too fast and your spinach still looks perky after a couple of days, you’re probably content to let it do its thing.

However a refrigerator is still a major appliance that will sit in your kitchen for years, and some features may be more important to you than others. Below are some of our current favorite fridges that each offer a little something different for everyone.

Our pick

Why should you buy this? This model is a great reasonably priced model with plenty of utility and space.

Who it’s for? Anyone looking to spend a little more when updating their stainless steel appliances.

How much will it cost? $2,660+

Why we chose the Kenmore Elite 72483:

Everything the Kenmore Elite 4-Door Bottom-Freezer fridge can do, it does well. Its 29.9 cubic feet of space is large but not overwhelming, and many of its storage items are customizable. A couple of the glass shelves can slide under to make room for taller items. These “fold-in” shelves enable this refrigerator to host an array of configurations.

The middle drawer is something we’re seeing on more and more fridges lately, but Kenmore’s version lets you turn the compartment into a deli drawer, drink cooler, meat locker, or even a wine chiller, thanks to its four temperature settings. To maximize space, a slimmer ice maker is hidden behind a shallow shelf.

Many refrigerators have rather thin door bins (more ideal for condiments rather than soda or milk containers). The Kenmore Elite 4-Door Bottom-Freezer includes gallon-sized door bins, making it easier than ever to store bulkier items. The spacious three-tier pull-out freezer combines ample room with convenient stowing capacity. As an added bonus, the “CleanFlow” air filter charcoal filter eliminates foul odors.

This refrigerator may not have the most space or the most cutting edge features, but when it comes to design and pricing, this model is tops.

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