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20 best cases to keep your beautiful Galaxy Note 5 looking like new

Samsung’s phablet line continues to go from strength to strength. The Note 5 delivers an enormous screen and plenty of handy phablet features designed to take advantage of the extra real estate. It’s also one the best-looking smartphones around, but the potential cost of glass curves and metal edges can be measured in chips and cracks. It’s fragile and a little bit slippery, so the smart move is to find some stylish protection that fits both your smartphone and your budget.

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These are the best Galaxy Note 5 cases available right now, whether you’re looking for a something that revels in matte minimalism or a case designed to take more than just a tumble. After all, it happens to the best of us.

Poetic Affinity Case ($15)

Poetic Affinity Case

This case utilizes clear polycarbonate, which allows the Note 5’s design to shine through, and features a TPU frame that improves grip and absorbs the impact of bumps and falls. It’s also outfitted with extra reinforcement at the corners and edges, raised bezels to safeguard your phone’s display and camera lens, and ridged sides that help reduce the risk of drops. The openings for the ports and S-Pen work well, too, as do the button covers. Wireless charging even works with this case on, though you might find that your phone gets a bit warmer than usual.

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Cover-Up Woodback Snap Case ($25+)

Cover-Up Woodback Snap Case

This warm, wooden panel makes the perfect exterior for the Note 5, one that’s also comfortable to hold. You can choose from a wide range of wood types, too, including walnut, maple, and mahogany. The shell made of a slim, black plastic, though, it still features openings for your phone’s buttons, ports, and camera despite its minimalist design. The back panel snaps securely into place and will guard against the occasional scuff and knock — just don’t expect rugged drop protection.

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Supcase Unicorn Beetle Series Case ($21)

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Case

This is a solid protective case that won’t break the bank. It’s made from a combination of tough polycarbonate and flexible TPU. Your Note 5 snaps into the case and there’s a front panel with a built-in screen protector that fits on top to keep your display safe. You also get a holster with a 360-degree, swiveling clip. The button covers work well, as do the accompanying port covers. You can still use the S-Pen with this case on, too, and utilize wireless charging. If you don’t like the pink build, you can always opt for the black, white, or green varieties. The Unicorn Beetle Series is both affordable and rugged.

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Rhino Shield Crash Guard Bumper ($20)

Rhino Shield Crash Guard Bumper

Covering up the gorgeous framework of the Note 5 seems like a travesty. Fortunately, Rhino Shield offers a solution that will leave your phone’s design intact while imbuing it with some real drop protection. Not only can the Crash Guard handle falls from up to 11.5 feet, but it also leaves the front and back of your Note 5 completely open, thus only providing protection where it’s needed. It sports accurate openings for the ports and S Pen, too, along with tactile button covers. The bumper also extends front and back — to protect those glass surfaces — and comes in red, blue, or white.

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Tech21 Evo Tactical Case ($15+)

Tech21 Evo Tactical Case

Here’s a relatively slim and lightweight case that still offers plenty of drop protection. The Evo Tactical will keep your Note 5 safe and sound, protecting it from falls up to 6.6-feet high. The case features a simple design with a textured matte finish and lined gloss highlights. There are generous openings for quick access to your phone’s ports and camera. The button covers are easy to find without looking and, though a little stiff at first, they work well. The textured finish also adds some grip and additional comfort. The protective combination of TPU and a silicone interior helps it absorb unwanted shock, and there’s a lip around the front that’s designed to protect the screen.

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