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Here are keyboard cases to pick up with your iPad Pro

The iPad Pro has been out for a while, giving accessory manufacturers plenty of time to design keyboards compatible with Apple’s biggest tablet. While there are keyboard options for the iPad Pro out there that don’t double as a protective case, we like the ones that add extra protection. That way, you’re protecting your investment and you always have a keyboard handy when you need it.

After all, the touchscreen keyboard just isn’t the same as a traditional one. Many of the cases will even make you feel like you’re using a touchscreen MacBook, with their very laptop-esque designs. They also come in a range of price points, so you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot to gain a physical keyboard.

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Below are our picks for the eight best keyboard cases to consider for the 9.7 model, followed by eight more for the original 12.9-inch model.

Keyboards for the 9.7-inch iPad Pro

Apple Smart Keyboard

Apple Smart Keyboard Thumb 2

We’d be remiss not to start out with Apple’s Smart Keyboard. The keyboard connects via the Smart Connector instead of Bluetooth, allowing you to avoid the virtual keyboard on the Pro in favor of something more physical. Each of the keyboard’s 64 keys is water-resistant and crafted with a durable, custom-woven fabric, providing durability as well as spring-like tension when pressed. It’s foldable, too, and outfitted with a conductive material that allows for the two-way flow of both power and data. No charging. No Bluetooth.

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Zagg Slim Book Pro

Zagg Slim Book Pro Thumb 2

If you want to go more for the traditional laptop feel when it comes to your keyboard case, Zagg’s Slim Book Pro is your best bet. The case is fashioned to look more like a notebook when attached to the iPad Pro, so it’s a bit bulkier than the first two options. The case’s unique hinge allows for 135 degrees of adjustment, while island-style keys let you comfortably type as if you were using a traditional keyboard. The keys are even backlit and make use of the integrated battery, which is conveniently designed to last for up to two years on a single charge.

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Zagg Messenger Universal

Zagg Messenger Universal Thumb 2

If the Slim Book Pro is a bit much, the cheaper Messenger Universal might be a worthy alternative. Like the Slim Book Pro, it grants you 135 degrees of adjustment and a 12-inch keyframe outfitted with island-style keys, but in a folio form factor that cuts down on some bulk. With the cheaper price comes a bit of trade-off, as reviewers report the keyboard isn’t as comfortable to type on and you lose the backlit keys.

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Brydge BrydgePro Keyboard

Brydge BrydgePro Keyboard Thumb 2

Another entrant for laptop-style cases is the Brydge BrydgePro. The case is made out of 100 percent aluminum, and on the 12.9-inch model, Brydge says the combined weight is less than the MacBook Air, so it weighs even less with the 9.7-inch model. The BrydgePro uses Bluetooth to connect to the iPad Pro, and it features backlit keys with adjustable brightness. One thing we really like is the hinge is able to swing 180 degrees, allowing you to use it as a tablet when you need to.

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Logitech Create

Logitech Create Thumb

Logitech partnered with Apple to design the Create, and it shows. But one place where the Create shines is in price, which is less than Apple’s for the same features. Like the Smart Keyboard, it uses the Smart Connector to connect to your iPad Pro, meaning it will automatically power on and pair with the Pro when you connect it via the direct magnetic connection. Another positive is that it’s a full-size keyboard and feels a lot more natural than Apple’s own keyboard, reviewers report.

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Incipio ClamCase+

Incipio ClamCase+ Thumb 2

Incipio’s ClamCase+ is a little bit on the pricey side, but on style and functionality more than makes up for it. The case around the iPad adds very little bulk, so the overall thickness is not much more than a MacBook Air. It features a backlit keyboard and a smart hinge to put the iPad Pro to sleep and wake it automatically to maximize battery life.

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Targus VersaType Keyboard and Case

Targus VersaType Keyboard and Case Thumb 2

Are you one of those folks who appreciate an iPad case with a stand, but still need a keyboard to type in those notes or that next presentation? The VersaType might be the case for you. The case protecting the iPad actually swivels on the keyboard base, allowing you to place your iPad Pro in a variety of different display configurations depending on what you’re doing. It’s got great battery life, lasting 130 hours of use on a single charge according to Targus.

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Griffin SnapBook

Griffin SnapBook Thumb 2

Griffin makes some bold claims about its SnapBook keyboard and case, claiming it will survive — and protect — your iPad from six-foot drops onto concrete. While its keyboard isn’t as comfortable or full featured as some of the other options on our list, it is ruggedized and made of a material that also doubles as protection for your screen. As for truth to the claims of toughness? We’ll let you test that out.

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