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The blind will soon be able to identify their loved ones using this one-of-a-kind cane

Three Birmingham City University students developed a new cane that will allow the blind to be guided to their loved ones using facial recognition technology. The students plan to demo the cane later this year.


Celebrities defy Anna Wintour’s no-selfie rule at Met Gala, and she’s not pleased

Don't take your selfies at an Anna Wintour-hosted event, or you might not be able to come back to it. Celebrities defied her strict no-selfie policy, with reports that the Vogue editor is none too pleased.


Specially designed plates make taking photos of your food practically mandatory

When you take Instagram photos of your food, how do the pictures turn out? Maybe you just need a better plate, like the ones at Carmel Winery, which were specially made for using smartphones for food photography.


Violent news on social media could trigger post-traumatic symptoms, study says

A new study from the U.K. says that some people are continually traumatizing themselves by repeatedly looking at distressing, news-related images on social media. This had led to mental health concerns.

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Flickr just added new features that made it more navigable than ever

Browsing and searching for photos in Flickr is no longer a tedious chore. The photo-sharing service launched new features that make the experience faster and easier than ever, and overhauled its mobile apps to streamline the user experience.


This $5 contact lens turns your smartphone’s camera into a microscope

After a chance discovery, a research team at the University of Houston have produced a reusable lens that turns your smartphone into a microscope. What's more, one costs just $5, and it's on Kickstarter right now.


Avengers: Infinity War to be the first film shot with new IMAX cameras

Marvel Studios' upcoming, two-part Avengers: Infinity War saga will be the first feature film shot entirely with IMAX and ARRI's brand new, next-generation 2D digital Alexa 65 cameras.

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Parents can privately share pictures of kids with new Sherish app

Parents have long been bothered by the danger of sharing pictures of their kids on social media. Now, an app called Sherish claims to let them share those pictures without any privacy concerns.

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Not all Samsung Galaxy S6 models have the same camera

Samsung's Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are selling well, but it turns out they aren't all made equal. Some Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge models are made with camera sensors from different parties, even though the rest of the handset is the same.

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These short videos show off Canon’s newest camcorders’ filmmaking capabilities

Talking about what a camcorder can do is good, but seeing what it can produce is even better. To see what Canon's new C300 Mark II and XC10 4K-capable camcorders can do, checking out these short videos.


Sony’s new Xperia C4 will take cracking selfies, but it can’t be used to blow anything up

The Xperia C4 is the latest device to explode onto the selfie scene. It's a big, 5.5-inch smartphone with a 5-megapixel front camera, equipped with an LED flash, and a wide-angle lens.


Motorola ordered to cough up $10 million to Fujifilm for patent infringement

Motorola was ordered by a jury in San Francisco to pay Fujifilm $10 million in damages related to patent infringement. According to Motorola, the company is looking for a way to dispute the damages.


Kim Kardashian posts underwear selfie on Instagram (to promote a book, of course)

Kim Kardashian took to Instagram this past weekend to show off her body in racy images that were meant to help promote the launch of her new book, Selfish. The starlet has a huge Instagram following.

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Google+ takes on Pinterest with Collections, a new sharing feature

What's next for Google+? And is anyone still using it? The social network seems to have a brand-new feature called Collections, which is reminiscent of Pinterest. Collections began rolling out recently.


3D printing company is the newest addition to Microsoft's HoloLens project

Microsoft's HoloLens is said to have many applications and uses because it is bringing virtual objects into the environmental space. Sketchfab's partnership with Microsoft is a huge step forward to bringing 3D objects into reality.