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How Art404 turned Instagram into a massive, pop culture mural

Digital Trends recently spoke with New York-based artup, Art404, about the group's living Instagram mural, how it makes a lasting impact by playing off of pop culture themes, and what it takes to succeed as an artist in the social media…
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Twitter is now the home of college sports live-streams thanks to Campus Insiders deal

Twitter is adding even more college sports games to its streaming line-up thanks to a new deal with the Campus Insiders digital network, which will see the social network broadcast over 300 live events.
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U.S. Olympic basketball exhibition games to be live-streamed on Facebook

Facebook will be live-streaming all nine Team USA Olympic basketball exhibition games in the run-up to the Rio Olympics. The coverage will include the matches being played by the men's and women's national teams.
Cool Tech

Mark Zuckerberg’s AI butler now manages his entire house, and makes him toast

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg claims in a new interview that his AI personal assistant now lets him control his entire home, and also makes him breakfast. Zuck states that he is readying the system for a demo "soon."
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Facebook’s ephemeral group messaging should give Snapchat the spooks

Facebook is once again borrowing from Snapchat for an experimental new group messaging feature on its main app. The feature gives a glimpse of what private sharing would look like on the social network.
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Swipe through video replay trailers with Periscope's new Highlights reel

Periscope has launched a range of new features to help users discover new broadcasts on its iOS and Android apps, including a new Highlights reel that generates scrollable video trailers for all the replays on your home feed.
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Go beyond dates to arrange group meetups through Tinder Social

Tinder goes from dates to group nights out with the global launch of Tinder Social. The app's new group messaging and meetups feature is aimed at helping you make romantic and social connections with a broader range of people.

Be polite or be labeled as rude on Candid, a new anonymous social network

On Thursday, yet another anonymous social network launched on both the iOS and Android app stores, but this one comes with a twist -- on Candid, you have to be nice. That's because content is curated and moderated by AI.

Pay your bills straight from Facebook Messenger with BillHero chatbot

There are plenty of excuses for not paying your bills, but now, inconvenience just can't be one of them. It's all thanks to BillHero, which has created the first chat bot for Facebook Messenger to help pay your bills.
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Facebook rolls out Live updates with extended broadcasts and full-screen video

Facebook is rolling out a series of updates to its Live video service aimed at general users, including the ability to broadcast for up to four hours. The new options are aimed at making the live-streaming tool even more immersive.

Are you a Facebook Messenger user? You’re now officially one in a billion or so

Facebook's Messenger is now part of the hallowed club of applications that each have more than a billion active users. Facebook now has three apps in that coveted VIP booth: Messenger, the main Facebook ap,p and WhatsApp.
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Reading coverage on the RNC? It might be coming from bots

It's only Day 2, but the Republican National Convention already seems to have solidified its position as the most dramatic political event in recent memory. And at both the Washington Post and Buzzfeed, coverage is coming from robots.