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Vine update lets users remix audio from other video loops

Vine has introduced new features to its video-looping service that allow users to grab audio from other videos to use on their own creations. Aside from the audio remix function, new music discovery tools have also been added.
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Google's newest update lets you Hangout with anyone

Google has lifted the requirement to have a Google account if you want to join a Google Hangout audio or video meeting. The update is said to be an attempt to catch up to Skype's latest feature.
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Google's 'Friends Furever' ad just became the most shared ad of all time

Google's "Friends Furever" ad, which is a part of its "Be together. Not the same" campaign, has been shared more than 6.4 million times. Microsoft's ad with Robert Downey Jr. also ranked in the top 10 list of most-shared ads.
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Facebook tests new tools to help you get over your ex

Facebook is testing a set of new tools for hiding statuses and photos, and editing past statuses and images so you no longer see anything reminding you of the relationship after a breakup.
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Social media used to track harmful side effects of narcotics medication

A recent study tracking social media platforms revealed harmful side effects when patients were prescribed narcotics for pain. Data also provided information regarding whether patients were adequately informed of potential side effects.
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Meet the app experts say ISIS used to send secret messages

Having great technology can attract despicable attention, which is what happened to Telegram, a free Android, iOS, desktop, and Web app whose "Secret Chat” function was apparently utilized by terrorists associated with extremist group…

Tinder CEO Sean Rad gives disastrous interview that could jeopardize IPO

Pro tip: An interview is not the time to test out new vocabulary words. Too bad no one told Tinder CEO Sean Rad before he gave what is undoubtedly the most so-bad-that-it's-good interview of all time to the London Evening Standard.
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Instagram shuts off API access for feed reading apps

If you're the developer of a third-party feed reading app for Instagram, you might need to change up your app. Instagram is giving developers until June 1, 2016, to submit their apps for review.

Don’t shoot RAW: Reuters instructs photographers to submit only JPEGs

News agency Reuters is requesting all its freelance photographers to submit only original, unedited JPEG files, not uncompressed RAW files, citing its ethics policy and a need for speed.
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Facebook user named ‘Isis’ has her account suspended

It must be a bit of a bummer when you're going about your life quite happily and an international terrorist organization lands on the scene with a name identical to yours. For Isis Anchalee, that very situation recently led to a run-in with…
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Facebook makes giving to charity easier with an integrated ‘Donate’ button 0:46

Facebook's new tools make it easier for users to donate to philanthropic causes and simpler for nonprofits to track their fundraising goals. They're rolling out in the US to start.
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Artist’s simple ‘Peace for Paris’ drawing is the Internet’s symbol for solidarity

Jean Jullien's "Peace for Paris" symbol appeared as a simple doodle after the Paris attacks, but has become a widespread symbol through social media expressing solidarity among the global community.