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BBC suspends all 3D content production due to low demand

Definitely another nail in the coffin for the future of 3D television, BBC has decided to end a two year trial of 3D content production citing extremely low demand for the service among UK viewers.
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Goodbye 3D programming, ESPN 3D shutting down by end of the year

As 3D adoption continues to limp along among U.S. consumers, ESPN has made a decision to stop producing 3D programming and get rid of the ESPN 3D channel in order to free up resources for Ultra HD.
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DirecTV scales back 3D content due to lack of demand

As 3D technology continues to struggle to attract consumers, DirecTV is slashing the budget for production of content on the 24-hour n3D channel.
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3D simply isn’t motivating consumers to buy new televisions

As consumers in the U.S. are debating over several features when buying a new television, 3D technology is receiving a somewhat tepid response from TV shoppers.
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The 2012 London Olympics is 3D TVs’ big opportunity

The forthcoming Summer Olympics could give 3D TV sales the boost they so desperately need.
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LG announces 84-Inch 3DTV to be unveiled at CES 2012

While many American consumers are still in the process of upgrading their televisions to high definition, LG is launching a new panel at CES that displays 4K resolution which the company calls ultra definition.
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3D television and projector sales are on the rise

While many studios are still struggling to produce quality 3D entertainment in the form of movies and television shows, consumers within the United States seem to be embracing upgrading 3D hardware.
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More than half of new HDTV owners are shunning 3D

With the majority of consumer electronics manufacturers supporting 3D with new releases of high definition television sets, it appears that consumers still aren't convinced about the benefits.
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LG unveils the LW9800, first passive 3D TV to earn THX certification

LG's new LW9800 55-inch passive 3D TV features local dimming, a thin 1.08-inch cabinet and gets THX's stamp of approval.
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Toshiba ditching 3D glasses with new glasses-free 3D HDTV

Consumers that dislike wearing 3D glasses in the home have something to look forward to from Toshiba. The television manufacturer has developed a way to get rid of those bulky, expensive glasses.
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Buy a Samsung 3D TV at Bestbuy this weekend and get a free Galaxy Tab

Buy a select Samsung 3D TV at Best Buy this weekend and you get a free Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, the cheapest TV option will cost you $1499.99.
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Consumers: Still not on board with 3D

The Nintendo 3DS is the latest device to experience the third dimension's lack of user interest.