Misfit introduces its Specter Wireless In-Ear Headphones

This year, at the Consumer Electronics Show, Misfit is introducing a brand new hearable product with the firm's Specter Wireless In-Ear Headphones, which promise to deliver “functionality beyond the wrist.”
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Getting chased through the desert by AirDog, the easiest drone to fly 2:16

The Drone 2.0 era is coming, and with it, there's a rising tide of UAVs with a lot more autonomy and a lot fewer of those troublesome joysticks.

Kia's 'Drive Wise' brand promises self-driving tech by 2020, fully autonomous cars by 2030

Kia Motors has announced a new sub-brand focused on autonomous driving technology. Drive Wise is the promise of partially autonomous Kia vehicles by 2020 and fully autonomous cars by 2030.
CES 2016

10 trends to watch at CES 2016, from real VR to smart gizmos you actually want

With 176,000 attendees and close to 3,700 companies showing their wares, including nearly 400 start-ups, making sense of the 2016 CES is going to be a real challenge. Here’s what I think you should keep an eye out for as the beast lumbers…

Virtual reality and palm-sized PCs will conquer computing at CES 2016

While most of the buzz surrounds virtual reality in one form or another, it's not the only game-changing computing announcement at CES in 2016. Small PCs and 3D cameras may also grab the spotlight.

Faraday Future's autonomous CES concept stars in new teaser clip ahead of debut

Faraday Future, the Las Vegas-based automotive startup, has revealed a teaser video of its CES-bound concept ahead of its debut. The clip reveals that the autonomous concept will sport lightweight construction materials.
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Stuck with a dumb display? AirBar Brings Touch Functionality to Any PC Screen

AirBar is a slim USB attachment that creates a light field in front of your PC display. It turns any regular display into a fully functional touch screen, and you can use the gestures you're used to with your fingers, a pen, a…
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The biggest electronics show in the U.S. says no to hoverboards

The Consumer Electronics show has banned the use of hoverboards at the convention, a clear safety precaution, but news that may strike show-goers as odd given that it's a technology trade show.
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GoPro teases first footage from its Karma ‘ultra-portable folding drone’ 1:01

Early this morning, the company revealed the name of the upcoming drone in a YouTube video. Slated for release next year, GoPro's first foray into the world of consumer quadcopters will be known as the "Karma."

Will the production version of Chevy’s Bolt EV debut at CES?

The production version of the Chevrolet Bolt EV electric car could appear at CES in January. General Motors may start building the Bolt EV in late 2016, ahead of a 2017 launch.
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The Digital Trends Awards: “Top Tech of CES 2016” open for entries

PORTLAND, ORE. – OCTOBER 12, 2015 – Digital Trends, a leading consumer technology publisher, announces its call for submissions for its fourth annual tech awards for outstanding new products at the 2016 International Consumer…
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DT’s Top Tech of CES 2016 Award Nominations

OEMs, manufacturers, publishers, developers, and distributors, please submit your products for consideration in the Digital Trends Top Tech of CES awards.