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T-Mobile in talks to merge with Dish Network, say new rumors

Rumors are spreading that T-Mobile may be in talks with Dish Network about a possible merger. Still in the early stages, should the deal go ahead, T-Mobile CEO John Legere may head up both companies.
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Now streaming on Joey: Dish brings Netflix to more set-top boxes

Dish and Netflix are expanding their partnership. DISH announced the video streaming service's app, introduced on Hopper DVRs last year, would make its way to Joey units in an upcoming update.
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Cable shmable: HBO will land on Sling TV in time for Game of Thrones

Dish's new pioneering Web TV service has had some setbacks as of late, but the service's addition of HBO this month will make it a serious threat to the competition, including HBO's own standalone app, HBO Now.
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If you like Sling TV, you’re going to love the service Apple is cooking up

With Dish's Sling TV making waves at CES this year, Apple is reported to be building a similar Web TV service that will provide a packaged group of television channels to iPhone, iPad and Apple TV users.
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By streaming ESPN, Dish just dashed cable’s last leverage

The Holy Grail of content for cord cutters just arrived on a golden platter in the form of Dish’s $20 Sling TV package, and it may be just the thing to kill your cable addiction.
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No dish required: DISH’s Sling TV app brings popular cable channels to streaming devices

Dish's new standalone Web TV service finally emerges from the shadows under the title Sling TV. The new service offers a handful of enticing channels from ESPN to CNN across a multitude of streaming platforms, without a satellite…
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Dish subscribers get their Turner back as CNN, TCM, and others come back online

The month-long blackout of several key channels from Turner ends, as several major channels including CNN, Turner Classic movies, and others return to Dish Network.
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Where’s my CNN? Dish subscribers lose channels over Turner contract dispute

Dish subscribers woke up to a loss of several channels this morning, including CNN, Cartoon Network, and Turner Classic Movies, among others, thanks to a breakdown in contract negotiations between Dish Network and Turner Broadcasting.
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Dish aims to mollify cord cutters with mysterious new Internet-TV service

Dish announced this week that the over-the-top service it's currently developing will be specifically targeted at cord cutters. The enigmatic new service is rumored to offer 20-30 channels at $30 per month.

Dish Network to accept Bitcoin, becomes largest company to take the currency

Dish Network announced that it will accept Bitcoin payments, starting July 1, 2014. The satellite TV provider, which tapped Coindesk to process transactions, claims to be the biggest company to accept the cryptocurrency.
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Dish Network releases its Virtual Joey DVR app for Playstation 3, PS4 owners still waiting

Dish unleashed its Virtual Joey app for PS3 owners on Tuesday, allowing users to access on-demand, DVR, and live TV content from their console. The move comes as things have heated up in the satellite game recently, with the AT&T-DirecTV…
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Dish Network targets summer launch for standalone Internet-TV service

Potentially an attractive option for anyone that's recently cut the cord from expensive cable bills, Dish Network is in talks to launch a subscription based live TV service that's provided through the Web.