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The Facebook feature that revolutionized social media: News Feed marks 10 years

Facebook is marking the 10th anniversary of its "most advanced" invention: the Facebook News Feed. The celebrations were led by the company's CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and included a live-stream with the team that created the defining feature.
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Facebook promises independent Trending algorithm, but still relies on human editors

Facebook is updating its Trending topics feed in a bid to deliver the autonomous news algorithm it has always promised. However, it still can't avoid the elephant in the room: the need for human editors.
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Facebook tinkers with its News Feed to show you more ‘informative stories’

Facebook is once again upgrading its News Feed ranking system in order to personalize the content you see. This time its focus is on bringing you more "informative" stories from people and pages you follow.
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Facebook puts friends first in your feed thanks to transparent News Feed Values adoption 2:58

Facebook is making big adjustments to how it feeds your personal Facebook news feed, putting friends first, pushing out Spam, and pushing sponsored content down below what it believes you will find most relevant.
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Facebook rolls out temporary News Feed posts that can be hidden from your timeline

Facebook is rolling out a new “Hide from timeline” option that allows users to publish a temporary post to their News Feed, while effectively hiding it from their timeline. The update is currently exclusive to the web version of the…
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Facebook Live Videos will be given more prominence thanks to an algorithm update

Facebook has updated its News Feed algorithm to display Live Videos above older streams, making it easier than ever to tune into live streams in the moment. The social network claims users watch Live Videos three times longer than general…
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Facebook manipulated more than 600,000 users’ News Feeds to study people’s emotions

Feeling a little bummed out by your Facebook News Feed? It turns out data scientists for the social media site manipulated the feeds of more than 600,000 users to study how emotions are transferred online.
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The fight for the Facebook News Feed – and its memes – is on

After Facebook announced it would be promoting certain types of posts over others - and that memes would take the biggest hit - the publishing industry is reacting.
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Facebook changes ‘Hide All’ to ‘Unfollow,’ shaming us for ignoring annoying friends

Facebook's new 'Unfollow' button will work exactly how 'Hide All' did ... you'll just feel guiltier about censoring your unknowingly annoying friends. A few other News Feed options may have gotten the axe with this change, however.
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Facebook’s new News Feed promotes articles, your friends’ old posts … and buries memes

Facebook is once again mixing up its News Feed algorithm, this time promoting popular old stories from your friends, news outlets ... and burying memes. Get it straight, Internet: Imgur, Facebook is not.
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This plugin can tell who you’re Facebook stalking

Who Facebook thinks you're close to matters - it determines much of what you see on the site and in what order. This plugin shows you who your "closest" Facebook friends are, and the results are pretty revealing.
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I took Facebook’s News Feed survey, and so should you

Complaining about Facebook but skipping the surveys is like getting mad about politics and not voting - so maybe you should voice your opinion. I did, and found some interesting things about how Facebook is trying to fix its News Feed.