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Jeopardy champion won game show with… a web app?!

Roger Craig describes the app he created to help him win Jeopardy and break the single-game record for winnings.

IBM’s Watson may soon be answering your customer service calls

The IBM Watson supercomputer can beat the best Jeopardy! champions of all time. But can it tell you how to fix your printer? Yes, yes it can.

The 11 best Ken Jennings Reddit AMA quotes

"Jeopardy!" superstar Ken "WatsonsBitch" Jennings took to Reddit this week to answer users' question. The results were incredible.

New Jersey congressman beats IBM’s Watson

Watson is finally taken down by congressman Rush Holt in a match between lawmakers and IBM's Jeopardy champ.

IBM’s Watson gets job in health care

IBM has inked a deal with Nuance to apply Watson's Jeopardy-winning Deep Question Answering technology to health care.

Jeopardy! IBM Challenge ends with a big win for Watson the AI

The Jeopardy! IBM Challenge comes to a close with a big win for artificial intelligence Watson.

Jeopardy! IBM Challenge continues as Watson takes a huge lead

Round two of the Jeopardy! IBM Challenge concluded last night with Watson taking a considerable lead over its human opponents.

Jeopardy! pits man vs. machine, no winners yet

IBM's Watson artificial intelligence ties with Brad Rutter for first place in the first of three rounds in the Jeopardy! "IBM Challenge" tournament.

IBM’s Watson supercomputer beats humans in Jeopardy

Watson at one point confused Jamie Foxx and Beethoven, but still managed an impressive victory against two Jeopardy masters.

IBM supercomputer will compete on Jeopardy next year

IBM has developed a computer that should be able to compete with the famed game show's former victors.

Digital Trends’ top 5 viral videos of the week, December 3, 2010

In this week’s edition of our weekly videos: a cat gets ambushed, playing Rock Band does not justify you starting a rock band, and rope swings are not for the feint of heart.

IBM’s Watson To Compete in Jeopardy This Fall

Game on! IBM's latest supercomputing project, Watson, is set to take on human trivia nuts in real time on Jeopardy this fall.